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He/She __________ (cannot trust).
cannot be trusted
The facts __________ (take) from the survey.
Present Perfect: have been taken
If you __________ (ask) out by him/her again, you know what to say.
Simple Present: are asked
It __________ (show) by the facts that 70% have to tell their parents where they are going.
Simple Present: is shown
My boyfriend/girlfriend __________ (not like) by my parents.
Simple Present: is not liked
Our parents __________ (must always tell) where we are going.
must always be told
You __________ (never trust) again
will-Future: will never be trusted
Grannie __________ (take) care of by Jill and Bob at the moment.
Present Progressive: is being taken
__________ you __________ (interview) by the reporter yet?
Present Perfect: Have you been interviewed...?
Some 15-year-olds __________ (interview) for the survey last week.
Simple Past: were interviewed
My former boyfriend/girlfriend __________ (like) by my parents.
Simple Past: was liked
Some statistics about teenagers __________ (just put) on the board by the reporters.
Present Perfect: have just been put
We __________ (usually allow) to stay out till 9 o'clock.
Simple Present: are usually allowed
I __________ (not trust).
Simple Present: am not trusted
That question __________ (ask) many times by me.
Present Perfect: has been asked
It __________ (think) by adults that 14 is too young to drive a car.
Simple Present: is thought
The question __________ (answer) with "No" by many the last time.
Simple Past: was answered
Useful information and skills __________ (sometimes learn) at school.
Simple Present: is sometimes learned