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A mixed-signal circuit can be dfined as a circuit consisting of both _____ and _____ elements.
digital, analog
Linear circuits are also known as ______ circuits.
PGA stands for _____.
Programmable Gain Amplifier
DSP stands for _______.
Digital Signal Processor
AGC stands for _______.
Automatic Gain Control
A small number of individual integrated circuits in a group is called a ______.
Although a mixed signal circuit may be essentially functional in the presence of minor ______, it may not meet all its required specifications. For this reason, devices are often tested exhaustively.
Like any photographic printing process, the IC printing process is subject to blemishes and _______.
Name several defects causing integrated circuit failures.
1. Defective via, caused by underetching
2. Defective via caused by photomask misalignment
3. Incomplete etching causing shorts
4. Particulate on a mask during processing
5. Surface scratches
6. Broken bond wires
7. ESD damage (surface explosions)
Insertion of plastic over the surface of the die changes the electrical permittivity near the surface of the die causing the trace to trace ______ to increase.
The injection-molded plastic of the package introduces mechanical stresses in the silicon causing _____ _____ shifts.
DC voltage
The proactive approach to test engineering is known as ______ engineering.
Metallic ontacts between DUT and DIB board are often very _____ and/or ________.
inductive, capactive
When a PGA is combined with a digital logic block to keep a signal at a constant level, what is the combined circuit called?
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
List 4 production steps after wafers have been fabricated.
1. Probe test
2. Saw
3. Packaging
4. Final Test
List 3 main components of an ATE tester.
1. Testhead
2. Mainframe
3. Terminal
4. DIB
DIB stands for ______.
Device Interface Board
What is the purpose of a DIB board?
To interface between tester and DUT
List 3 advantages of concurrent engineering.
1. Lower cost
2. Faster to market
3. Better quality
What is the purpose of a test plan?
For design and test engineers to agree on tests that ensure a quality product.