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What River forms the boundary of Missouri?
Mississippi River
What is the highest court in Missouri?
Supreme Court Of Missouri
What is the Capital of Missouri?
Jefferson City
What year was the present constitution adopted?
How many judges make up the Missouri Supreme Court?
The Preamble states that the authority to run the Missouri state government belongs to?
The people of Missouri
What is the lenght of term for a Missouri Supreme Court Judge?
12 yrs
How many counties are in Missouri?
What Legistlative powers does the governor possess?
Reccomend laws, propose budgest, veto or sign bills, call special sessions.
What Administrative powers does the governor possess?
Supervise, appoint, remove, liason with US govt, and direct spending.
What Judicial powers does the governor possess?
Pardon reprieve, commutation, and extracition.
What Military powers does the govenor possess?
Directs National Guard, appoints commander.
How often is a popular vot eon the Constitution given?
Every 20 yrs.
What is meant by a governor's pardon?
Complete release or forgiveness.
What does Article I contain?
Bill of Rights.
What are the duties of the State Treasurer?
Takes care of all state funds, also determines the amount of money needed for current expenses of the state.
How many articles are int he Missouri Constitution?
What are the duties of the State Auditor?
Checks the collection and spending of money by all State officers & agencies, sets up the accounting system for the state & local gov, approves the places chosen by treasurer to put State money.
What are the requirements for voting in Missouri?
Must be US citizen, must register to vote, must reregister if he or she changes his/her name or address, or fails to vote at least once in 4 years, & a person is disqualified from voting if convicted of a feloney or a misdemeanor connected with election laws.
What are the duties of Attorney General?
Prosecutes or defends all cases in which the state of Missouri is involved.
What are the duties of the Secretary of State?
Prepares ballots for state elections, certify the results of state elections, administer laws which require candidates to show where money from their campaigns came from, register all Missouri Corporations, Supervise the registration of all Securitites in the states, place the state seal on official documents, and keep the official record of the governor's actions.
What are concurrent powers?
Powers held by both US and State govts.
What is the lengths of term for a governor?
4 yrs
What is nepotism?
Favortism shown to relatives
What are the qualifications for a governor?
Be at least 30+ years
Us citizen for 15 yrs
live in the state for 10 yrs
What is eminent domain?
The power of the state to take private property for public use with payment of compenstation to the owner.
How are Executive head selected?
They are appointed by the governor.
Who has the right to establish free public school?
The General Assembly
What is the referendum process?
Is a way for the voters to review a law after legislature has approved it.
Who is the Presiding officer in the Senate?
Who is presiding officer in the House?
Speaker of the house
What makes up the General Assembly?
The House and Senate
How many senators are in the Senate?
What are the qualifications for a state senator?
Must be 30 yrs
must be registered voter for 3 yrs
must have lived in the district from which he/she is elected for at least one year
What are the qualifications for a state represenative?
24 yrs
2 yr regs
1 yr living in district elected from.
How many representatives are in the House?
What is meant by Home Rule?
self-government in local matters by a city, province, state, colony, or the like.