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What was the Missouri Compromise
Missouri entered as a slave state.
Drew an imaginary line throughout the Louisiana Territory.
No slavery North of the line.
Kept the number of slave and free states equal for 30 years.
What was the Compromise of 1850
California entered as a free state.
States in Mexican concession.
Fugitive slave laws would be strictly enforced.
Stopped slave trade in Washington D.C.
What was the Kansas Nebraska Act
Allowed people in Kansas and Nebraska to decide for themselves about the slavery issue.
Led to battles between antislavery and proslavery forces in Kansas
What is antislavery?
People are against slavery.
What is proslavery?
People who are for slavery.
Is it Missouri, Compromise of 1850 or Kansas Nebraska Act that entered Missouri as a slave state?
The Missouri Compromise
In the Missouri Compromise was slavery allowed North or South of the imaginary line?
South of the imaginary line.
Was it the Compromise of 1850 or the Missouri Compromise that entered California as a free state.
The Compromise of 1850.
What compromise stopped the slave trade in Washington, D.C.?
The Compromise of 1850.
What does popular sovereignty mean?
When people decide for themselves about the slavery issue.
Which compromise kept the number of free slaves equal to the number of nonfreed slaves?
The Missouri Compromise.
Was it the Kansas-Nebraska Act or the Compromise of 1850 that led to battles between antislavery and proslavery forces in Kansas?
The Kansas-Nebraska Act.