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‘There’s a large Japanese spice-jar with flowering lilacs.’
Exoticness, Christine's resourceful nature.
‘Above the door there is a large old fashioned bell and ...speaking tube’
Presence of the Count throughout the play
‘Jean comes in wearing livery...large pair of riding boots....which he puts down so it can be seen’
Count's presence - shows Jean's position as well.
‘Miss Julie slaps him in the face with her handkerchief’
Flirting coquettishly
The pantomine
Serves to break up the play as Strindberg intended, as well as showing the activities Christine goes through.
Miss Julie drinking Beer
Shows class and gender confusion
Jean moves forwards intending to seize her round the waist and kiss her
Blatant attempt at control which MJ rejects after goading him to do so.
Bird Cage / Bird death
Symbolic of Miss Julie's entrapment as well as foreshadowing her death.
‘She looks lost and desperate. She takes out her powder puff and powders her face.’
Trying to regain her honor and become who she was before as well as obtaining some form of control.
Jean ‘takes a cigar, cuts it and lights it.’
Shows his control and his sense of being above all else.
‘She drinks some wine then holds out her glass for more.’
Obviously ruffled, attempting to quell worries through drinking, behaving like a commoner.
‘kiss my shoe!’
Attempting to gain control once more as well as flirting and being demanding.
Jean ‘takes out his purse and throws a silver coin on the table’
Possibly biggest sign of disrespect - aids to break down MJ's belief of her strengths
Shows Christine's belief in religion as well as the morals she follows - contrasting with her adulterous nature.
'Jean is seen whetting his razor on a strap, which he holds by his teeth and left hand; he listens to the conversation and nods in agreement now and then’
Shows masculine nature and aggression as well as passively hearing MJ's attempts - doesn't care
‘The bell rings twice. Miss Julie jumps up, Jean changes his coat.’
Immediate impact of the Count's arrival - fear of something more powerful than they are.
The sunlight has now reached the floor and shines on Jean.
Enlightenment? Realization of position? Showing him in his true light? A manipulative chauvinist?
‘Miss Julie walks out through the door’
MJ and Jean's relationship
Their relationship is based upon the efficient utilization of the other rather than the facade of passion that they preach
Their relationship is simply a game for power
As Miss Julie talks about him “playing” and then he refers to the “role I’ve played in this seduction”
“you dog, who wears my collar”
In the beginning MJ has the upper hand and exploits this
“that’s why I am looking for a partner who can advance me the money”
Jean simply attempting to use MJ for her connections and her standing in the world.
Jean leads her to her death with barely any physical movement
the realization of how she’s actually ‘fallen’, has been used, and not only has she lost her individual dignity, also the shield of her social standing.
”D’you think I’ve never had a fuck before?”
Change of diction marks Jean's utter disrespect for MJ
"he’s the person I respect the most in this world”
Jean holds the Count in an almost godlike position
The start of the play shows Jean beginning and ending with a strong connection to the Count
At the beginning, doing his work, at the end, afraid of the Count
Jean and Christine's relationship is connected through MJ
They met at the workplace, their conversation revolves around MJ
Jean controls Christine - a big positive in his perception of her
She looks after him, he tells her what to do etc.
Christine isn't fond of MJ
She sexes Jean, she isn’t elegant, doesn’t embrace her ‘role’ and standing in society and isn’t a god following woman.
"No one can say that I’ve been messing around with the groom or the pig-keeper!”
Christine's ultimate feelings towards MJ - adds to MJ's desperation and feelings of failure.
“Midsummer’s eve”
The play occurs throughout one romantic night of magic. The mysticism surrounding the night leads to MJ's death
‘She rubs her hands as if she were warming them before a fire’
The end of the play: MJ and the ray of light that shines on Jean - shows her need for warmth and comfort, can't get from anyone
‘Faint violin music at a distance in schottische time’
Shows the merriment outside while Christine goes through her boring pantomine
‘The CHORUS approach, singing’
They mark the relationships that are going on between all of the characters. Vulgar. MJ doesn't understand - leads to them sexing.
Miss Julie ‘screams convulsively’
The lack of pity from Jean leads her to freak out. Her ultimate failure as a woman of her standing has come to her realization
Jean ‘takes out a notebook and pencil; counts aloud now and then’
Another pantomine - obviously intends to carry out this plan at various points. He's in as much turmoil as MJ
The sounds of the Count walking above Christine and Jean
Causes great panic and worries
‘Two sharp rings on the bell’
Further realization of the things which have occurred - marks the time for MJ to go and commit suicide.
"Miss Julie's quite crazy tonight; absolutely crazy!"
Sets the audience up for the fast paced development of action
Miss Julie
August Strindberg, 1888
Naturalistic tragedy,
90 Minutes of continuous action - nothing to break the illusion
The Set
Small and claustrophobic
Shows MJ's time spent in working class section and Jean's inability to escape.
The reception
Took 16yrs to be produced because it was so shocking
"A heap of ordure"
"Totally repellent"
Strindberg's ambiguous reasons for MJ's crazy behaviour
Her own nature/ degenerate brain
Crazy mother
Suggestive factors [bird etc]
Father's bringing up of MJ
Father's absence
Suggestive nature of night
"Servant, footman, stand up when I speak!"
"Servant's slut, footman's whore, shut your mouth and get out of here!"
MJ trying to recover her status.

"I'd love to see the whole of your sex swimming in a lake of blood"
MJ hatred of men revealed.
"You dog who wears my collar, you labourer's son who wears my coat of arms on your buttons."
Attempting to show her power once more in a huge rant.

Still fail.