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Whe led the expedition
Lewis and Clark
What document let Missouri enter the union
The Missouri Compromise
Who did we buy the Louisiana territory from
Who was the slave whose case was tried on the steops of the St. Louis court house
Dred Scott
Who was the nun who ran the first school west of the Mississippi
Philiippine Duchesne
What year did Missouri become a state
Who was only 14 when he helped organize the building of St. Louis
Auguste Chouteau
Who were the first white men to see Missouri
Marquette and Jolliet
Missouri was what number state to enter the union
The land from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains was bought and became known as
The Louisianna Purchase
The first people to Settle in what is now missouri were
Mound Builders
What was the name of the first permanent settlement in Missouri
Ste. Genevieve
What was the way the mail was delivered
By pony express
Who was the president who sent a group west to explore newly purchased land
Thomas Jefferson
What was the first Missouri state capital
St. Charles
Sergeant Floyd and others Explored the land of the Missour River Searching for its source they were called
Corps of Discovery
What is the present Capital
Jefferson City
Who is the only Missourian to become President of the united states
Harry S. Truman
Who was the black slave who went with the explorers of the missouri river
Who was the indian wife of Toussant Charbonneau
What is the name of the city where there have been earthquakes
New Madrid
What is the State Bird
Blue Bird
What is the state tree
What is the state Flower
White hawthorn
What is the state nickname
Show me state
What is the sate animal