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Organizational Chart
Chart showing the reporting structure of a group of people working on a project.
Human Resources Plan
Shows project roles and respoonsibilities.
Configuration Management
A process to identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of an item or term.
Quality Policy
Company's formal position on quality
Not a conflict resolution technique but a means of avoidance.
What two processes are closely linked and are often performed at the same time?
Perform Quality Control and Verify Scope.
What are the 9 knowledge areas
Integration Management
Scope Management
Time Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Human Resources Mgmt
Communications Mgmt
Procurement Mgmt
What are the 5 process groups?
Monitoring and Controlling
What is involved in McClelland's Three Need Theory?
AKA Achievement Theory, Employees are motivated by three primary needs: Achievement, Power and Affiliation.
What are Run Charts?
Charts that show trends and variances over time and are used in quality management.
Who issues the quality policy?
The performing organization.
What is Free Float?
The amount of time a schedule activity may slip without impacting the start of any other activities.
What is another name for float, and what is it?
Slack: The amount of time a schedule activity could be delayed without impacting the finish date of the project.
What is Lag used for?
Lags are used to represent Calendar time that must elapse when no actual work is taking place by project resources.
What is Lead used for?
Denoting that an activity can start before a previous activity ends, used to efficiently manage the schedule and get a head start on certain activities where possible.
What is Distributing Information?
The executing process where information is distributed to the stakeholders according to the communication management plan.
What is Plan Communications?
The planning process that analyzes the project, the stakeholders and the communication needs of the projects and creates the communication management plan.
Cost Aggregation
Costs should be aggregated from the activity level to the work package level, where they will be measured, managed and controlled.
Name the strategies for Negative Risks.
Name the strategies for Positive Risks.