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to get ready to
disponerse a + inf
to start to, to begin to
echarse a + inf
to miss
echar de menos
to mail
echar al correo
to blame
echar la culpa (a)
to insist on, to persist in
empenarse en + inf
to fall in love with
enamorarse de
to shrug one's shoulders
encogerse de hombros
to become aware of, to find out about
enterarse de
to be about to
estar a punto de + inf
to be in agreement (with)

estar conforme (con)

estar de acuerdo (con)
to be back
estar de vuelta
to be about to
estar para +inf
to be in favor of
estar por
to trust
fiarse de
to stare at, to notice
fijarse en
to enjoy
gozar de
to stay in bed
guardar cama
to insist on
insistir en
to become, to get to be
llegar a ser
to carry out
llevar a cabo
to refuse to
negarse a + inf
to hear about
oír hablar de
to smell of, to smell like
oler a
to forget
olvidarse de
because of
a causa de
at about + time
a eso de + time
at the end of
a fines de
a fondo
by dint of
a fuerza de
to the right, at the right
a la derecha
in the Spanish style
a la española
to the left, at the left
a la izquierda
at the same time
a la vez
in the distance
a lo lejos
at least
a lo (al) menos
a menudo
in my opinion
a mi (su, etc.) parecer
in spite of
a pesar de
on foot
a pie
at the beginning of, early in
a principios de
a solas
on time
a tiempo
through, across
a (al) través de
in the open air
al aire libre
at daybreak
al amanecer
at nightfall
al anochecer
finally, at the end (of)
al cabo (de)
al fin
al parecer