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What type of diagnosis should not be given Reglan?
GI Bleed
What type of med causes agitation with schizo?
What is a use for Haldol?
decrease assaultive behavior with severe anxiety
What is most important NI for myelogram?
encourage fluids before and after
What tips for transfering a patient with side weakness?
Stand on affected side of bed -- pivot on unaffected leg
What type of orders should you follow for nclex?
Nursing orders not doctor orders
how often to check radium implant and what type of diet is prescribed?
check every 8 hours and low residue diet to decrease stools
What are signs of paralytic ileus after ab surgerY/
N,V, increase distention
When is extrusion reflex gone in baby?
3 or 4 months
What are signs of meningitis in child? What kind of precations?
fever, poor feeding, irritable, bulging fontanel -- use droplet precations
What are signs of lithium toxicity?
diarrhea, vomit, drowsy, weakness, ataxia
What does nurse do about unwanted attention?
nurse should acknowledge and redirect
What is going on when sustained contractions (over two minutes)
uterus rupture -- fetal distresss -- stop pitocin
Demorol and visteral together -- what is concern?
What is side effect of compazine?
Urinary retention
What kind of decelerations do you call dr for during stress test?
late decelerations
When do you take hallucinating meds?
What are overdosage signs for synthroid?
nervous, can't sleep
What do you do if two co-workers are discussing client?
tell them to continue conversation in private
What is possible comp. of impetigo
glomerulonephritis (periorbital edema)
What are signs of increased ICP? with bp
increase systolic and widening pulse pressure
What should AIDS patient's not handle?
pet feces
if there is a fever reaction with DTaP what do you do?
give just DT next time
with a neonate how long with no breathing -- when do you report it?
longer than 15 seconds
Who do you always include when making decisions about community placement?
What can you drink after consuming golytely? how do you reconsistute it?
only water after and tap water to reconstitute it
What temp. liquid to put in ear?
warm -- cold can make dizzy
What is concern with electrolytes with burns
Hypokalemia can occur 3rd day after -- signs are weakness and lethargy
What are signs of suicide risks?
previous attempts and increased drug and alcohol use
What are signs that parents are accepting of imperfect baby?
willing to stroke and cuddle
what is big side effect of mycin drugs?
If a child has conjunctivitis at school -- what should you do?
call parents to pick up
What do you drink with ferrous sulfate?
What rate do you initially give blood at?
5 ml/minute for 15 minutes
What intereferes with digoxin absorption?

What food can cause increase in potassium loss?
Question interferes with absorption

licorice will increase potassium loss
When do you take esidrex?
Take in early afternoon to prevent nocturia
What is concern with cystic fibrosis?
thick yellow mucus
How high do you hold enema bottle?
12 - 18 above rectum
what do you do with pain with peripheral vascular disease?
walk till pain and then rest and then walk again
What diet for vomiting?
clear liquids
what do you complete before you do physical assessment?
heath history
what can lead to toxicity with magnesium sulfate?

What is a sign of toxicity?

what is antidote?
decrease in urine output

absent patellar reflexes means hypermagnesia and you give calcium gluconate as antidote
when do you call the dr. with an moa?

What do you avoid?
with headache or hypertension

What is a sign of caregiver burnout?
What is first step with cervical fusion to get them out of bed?
raise HOB
What do you watch for if someone has adrenalectomy?
What drug you do avoid with aminophylline?
no propanolol -- decreases metabolism and can lead to toxicity
What is side effect of haldol?
Should you take Dilantin if your pregnant
If a patient is having psychosis what is therapeutic approach?
Identify bad behavior and tell what change needs to take place
What precautions for cytomegalovirus?
Does baby movement increase or decrease with onset of labor?
Can a nurse work with shingles?
How do you position someone after cataract surgery?
on back or unaffected side
What type of medication do you avoid with glaucoma?

What is normal IOP?
hydriatic (atropine, ephedrine) -- dilates pupils

IOP is 10-21
What do you do with dementia patients?
reinforce reality
What does p. carinni pneumonia cause?
hypoxemia and cyanosis
What pt. teaching for doxycicline?
don't take within 1 hour of bedtime -- no antacids within 1-3 hours of taking
What about positioning with buck's traction?

Other positioning measures?
Turns to unaffected side if fracture -- either side if no fracture

Elevate foot of bed
What does pyrazinamide cause?
What is somogyi effect?
rebound hyperglycemia after hypoglycemia during the night.
opisthotonos position is?
up on head and heals with back arched during seizures
What do you count with psychosocial issues?
successes not failures
What are signs of cocaine abuse?
insominia, rhinorrea, facial pain
Does insulin requirement increase during pregnancy?
What NI for haemophilius influenza meningitis?
droplet precautions for atleast 24 hours

dark room, decrease stimuli (decreases seizure chance) -- possible fluid restrictions because ICP
What should pulse rate be with pacemaker?
It should not drop below the set pace of the pacemaker.
What do you do first if the flow slows down with peritoneal dialisys?
first step is to turn client side to side -- second is to check tubing for kinks
Can you take the pill when breast feeding?

What can you do?
No -- you can be fit for diaphragm
What helps reduce phatom pain in amputee?
activity helps reduce frequency and degree
When do you take Tagament?

When do you take amphojel in relation to it?
with meals and at night

take amphojel one hour later because it will interfere with absorption
What happens if pregnant women has low rebella titer?
pt. get rubella immunization right after delivery
What are parts of low residue diet?
baked chicken, buttered ride, plain gelatin
What is first sign of pulmonary or cerebral emoboli?
What is purpose of z-track?
meds that are irritating to subq or skin
What are cataracts?
lens less hydrated, more dense
What does hot spot indicate for casts?
indicates pressure
Can you take a bath with colostomy?
What does impentigo cause?

What does it look like (impentigo)?

reddish macule - vesicle - cruse, pruritis -- treat with antibiotics
What does elevating legs do?
increases venous return -- not arterial supply
What happens with peripheral arterial occlusion?
can't distinguish between sharp and dull pressure
What do you do first with really low blood sugar?
institute seizure precautions
What type of mouthwash causes dehydration and irritation?

What should you use?
glycerin based

50:50 hydrogen peroxide and normal saline
What are things about chest tubes?
suction control chamber should be constantly bubbling

water seal chamber -- airbubbles when exhale

500-1000 in first 24 hours
What precautions for herpes zoster?
airborne and contact -- private room
What NI for bone scan?

position, time , etc.
you have to lie still -- takes on hour

fluid increase after tracer injection
What is the first thing to do with bladder retraining?
first assess previous voiding habits
What does genuflect mean?
ritual prayer
What equipment do you need with paracentesis?
bp cuff