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4 categories of treatment for RA
- corticosteroids
- disease modifying agents
- analgesics
When eroisions are present in RA, what is indicated?
A disease modifying agent
Most common pathogen of otitis in diabetes
Patients with liver disease are at risk for secondary
hemosiderosis (no MVI with iron)
Liver failure with vitamin A tends to occur at doses over
100,000 IU per day (keep below 25,000IU if liver disease)
7 hepatotoxic herbals
- echinacea
- mistletoe
- niacin
- senna
- valerian
- "bush" herbal teas
- comfrey
1st diagnostic test for impotence
nocturnal penile tumescence (must be tested)
Gottron papules =
Diagnosis of dermatomysositis
Gottron papule or heliotropes plus 4 of 8:
- proximal mm. weakness
- elevated Cr kinase or aldolase
- muscle pain
- myogenic EMG changes
- anti-Jo-1 antibody
- nondestructive arthritis
- inflammation (temp, increase CRP or ESR)
- pathology c/w inflamm myositis