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parecerse a
to resemble
pensar + inf
to intend
pensar de
to think of (have opinion about)
pensar en
to think of (direct one's thoughts to)
perder cuidado
not to worry
perder de vista
to lose sight of
ponerse + adj
to become (involuntary)
ponerse a +inf
to begin to
ponerse de acuerdo
to come to an agreement
quedarse con
to keep
quejarse de
to complain of
querer decir
to mean
reirse de
to laugh at, to make fun of
reparar en
to look at, to observe, to notice
(saber) de memoria
(to know) by heart
sacar una fotografia
to take a picture
ser aficionado a
to be fond of
servir de
to serve as
servir para
to be useful for, to be good for
sonar con
to dream of
tarder en + inf
to be late in, to delay in
tratar de + inf
to try to
tratarse de
to be a question of, to be concerned with
tropezar con
to come upon, to meet
valer la pena
to be worthwhile
volver a + inf
to ... again
volver en si
to regain consciousness, to come to
ahora mismo
right now
billete de ida y vuelta
round-trip ticket
cada vez mas
more and more
con tal que + subjunctive
provided that
conforme a
according to, in accordance with
cuanto antes
as soon as possible
dentro de poco
in a little while
desde luego
of course, at once
dicho y hecho
no sooner said than done
fuera de si
beside yourself
hoy dia
nowadays, today, at present
hoy mismo
this very day
junto a
next to, beside
lo mas pronto posible
as soon as possible
mientras tanto
meanwhile, in the meantime
no cabe duda
doubtless, there's no doubt
no hay remedio
it can't be helped
no importa
nevertheless, notwithstanding
no poder menos de + inf
not to be able to help
ocho dias
a week
otra vez
para si
to himself, to herself, to themselves
pasado manana
the day after tomorrow
por consiguiente
therefore, consequently
por desgracia
por escrito
written, in writing
por eso
por lo comun
por lo general
usually, generally
por lo visto
por supuesto
of course
puesto que
quince dias
two weeks, a fortnight
raras veces
seldom, rarely
sano y salvo
safe and sound
sin duda
doubtless, without doubt
sin embargo
nevertheless, however
sin novedad
as ususal, nothing new
tal vez
tan pronto como
as soon as
todo el mundo
unos cuantos
a few
!Vaya un...!
What a...!
!Ya lo creo!
Of course! I should say so!
ya no
no longer
ya que