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Stage 1 sleep
Alpha waves disappear, then
Slower theta waves
Stage 2 sleep
Theta waves with
Intermittent sleep spindles and K-complexes
Stage 3 sleep
Large, slow delta waves
Stage 4 sleep
Delta waves dominate
REM sleep
Mixed freqy EEG.
How long does sleep cycle last?
100 minutes
How often does sleep cycle recur?
4 to 6 times
What is the length of REM sleep?
10 minutes then incs to 50 mins during night.
What is the length of Delta waves during sleep?
Longest early in night, then shortens.
Do dreams occur just during REM sleep?
What is EEG pattern in first 6 mths of life during sleep?
Just REM and non-REM sleep.
In first 2 or 3 mths of life, where is REM sleep?
At beginning.
How much sleep does REM make up during infancy?
During adulthood, how much does REM sleep take up?
What is EEG pattern in insomnia?
Less delta sleep;
more changes in sleep stages
Nightmare Disorders occur during which stage of sleep?
REM sleep
Sleep Terror DO occurs during which stage of sleep?
Stages 3 and 4
Sleepwalking DO occurs during which stage of sleep?
Stages 3 and 4
What is fnal assessmt?
Assoced w/ behal assessmt.
Who proposed general intellectual factor (g)?
Who extended Spearman's g?
Horn and Cattell
What did Horn and Cattell do to Spearman's g?
Extended it into 2 components:
Crystallized intelligence
Fluid intelligence
What are Sternberg's 3 "successful intelligence" abilities?
Who proposed "successful intelligence"?
Why did Sternberg propose "successful intelligence"?
He felt traditional tests neglected creative and practical abilities (only focused on analytical).
What theory did Gardner propose?
Theory of multiple intelligences.
What are multiple intelligences (Gardner)?
8 types of intellectual ability - linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic.
What is Fagan's idea of intelligence?
Intelligence is about information processing.
What is IQ correlation for identical twins reared together?
What is IQ correlation for identical twins reared apart?
What is IQ correlation for fraternal twins reared together?
What is IQ correlation for siblings reared together?
What is IQ correlation for siblings reared apart?
What is IQ correlation for biological parent and child (together)?
What is IQ correlation for biological parent and child (apart)?
What is IQ correlation for adoptive parent and child?
What is IQ correlation for "virtual twins", i.e. biologically-unrelated siblings of same age reared together?
What is correlation for intelligence and SES?
Flynn effect?
Incs in IQ by 3 pts per decade (due primarily to incs in fluid intelligence).
What are the 3 cognitive abilities (Level 2) on Stanford Binet?
Crystallized abilities
Fluid-Analytic abilities
What is Level 1 on Stanford Binet?
Level 3 on Stanford Binet consists of what type of tests?
Cognitive abilities tests
What is mean and std dev of Stanford Binet?
100, 16
What are mean and std dev of Stanford Binet subtests?
50, 8
What ages are measured on Stanford Binet?
2 yrs - 23 yrs, 11 mths
What ages are measured on WAIS-III?
16 - 89
What are mean and std dev of WAIS-III?
100, 15
What are mean and std dev of WAIS-III subtests?
10, 3
What discrepancy between Perf and Verbal IQs are significant?
12, except research shows 17 is probably "abnormal"
What ages are measured on WISC-III?
6 - 16 yrs, 11 mths
What ages are measured on WPPSI-R?
3 - 7 yrs, 3 mths
What ages are measured on K-ABC?
2.5 - 12.5
What theory is K-ABC based on? (2)
Luria's info processing approach to intelligence, which distings b/w sequential processing (step-by-step) and simultaneous (integrated, holistic) processing;
Cattell and Horn's description of fluid and crystallized intelligence
On the K-ABC, what are the 2 scales?
Mental Processing Scale;
Achievement Scale
What does K-ABC's Mental Processing Scale assess?
Fluid intelligence (compos. score of sequential and simultaneous processing)
What does K-ABC's Achievemt Scale assess?
Crystallized intelligence (more traditional items)
What does KAIT assess?
Integrates Horn and Cattell's theory of crystallized and fluid intelligence w/ other theories of cognition incl Luria's.
What ages does KAIT assess?
11 to 85+
What scales are on the KAIT?
Separate Crystallized and Fluid scale scores.
What is the Cognitive Assessment System?
Basic cog processes for learning (based on PASS model by Luria - planning, attn, simult. processing, sequential processing)
What ages are CAS for?
5 - 17 yrs, 11 mths
What is the Slosson Intelligence Test Primary (SIT-P) for?
Screening test of intelligence (both fluid and crystallized; Verbal and Perf)
What ages are SIT-P for?
2 to 8
What is the Slosson Intelligence Test - Revised (SIT-R) for?
Quick measure of crystallized intelligence.
What ages and populations are SIT-R for?
Pre-school through adults; Severe and profound retardation; free of demog, racial/ethnic, gender biases
What is the Denver Developmtal Screening Test II for?
Screening device for dvptal delays
What ages are Denver II for?
birth to 6
What are Bayley Scales for? (BSID)
Current dvptal status
What ages are Bayley scales II for?
infants and children aged 1 to 42 mths
Why are Bayley II better than orig?
Greater clin. utility due to collecting data from high incidence dx like Downs Syndrome and HIV positive kids.
What does Fagan Test of Intelligence examine?
Info processing because better predr of IQ - selective attn to novel stimuli
What ages are Fagan Tests for?
3 to 12 mths
What is Vineland Adaptive Beh scale for? (VABS)
Dvptal level - typical performance
What ages does Vineland measure?
birth to 18
What does AAMR Adaptive Beh scales measure?
Adaptive fning
What ages are Adaptive Beh scales for?
School edition: 3 to 21
Residential and Community Edition: 18 through 80
What does Columbia Mental Maturity Scale (CMMS) measure?
General reasoning ability - does not require verbal responses or fine motor skills.
What population does Columbia Mental Maturity Scale target?
Cerebral palsy
Children with brain damage
Speech impairmts
Hearing loss
Ltd English proficiency
What does Peabody Picture Vocab test III measure (PPVT-III)?
Receptive vocab for std American English;
Nonverbal estimate of intelligence
What population does Peabody target?
Orthopedic disabilities;
anyone who can hear the word, see the drawing, and communicate a response in some way
What age does Peabody target?
2.5 to 85 yrs
What population does Haptic Intelligence Scale target?
Blind and partially-sighted individuals
What age does Haptic Intelligence Scale target?
16 and older.
What population does Hiskey-Nebraska test of Learning Aptitude target?
Hearing impairmts
What age does Hiskey-Nebraska target?
3 to 17
What does Leither International Performance Scale - Revised (Leiter-R) measure?
Culture-fair measure of cognitive abilities
What age does Leiter-R target?
2 to 21
What population does Leiter-R target?
Language probs;
hearing impairmt
What does Raven's measure?
Nonverbal measure of g
What age group does Std Progressive Matrices target?
6 - 80
What age group does Colored Progressive Matrices target?
5 to 11 and elderly
What age group does Advanced Progressive Matrices target?
11 and older
What are 4 group intelligence tests?
Henmon-Nelson Test of Mental ability;
Kuhlman Anderson test;
Woodcock-Johnson P-educ battery - revised;
Wonderlic Personnel test
What does Henmon-Nelson Test of Mental ability measure?
Predicts school success
What populations does Henmon-Nelson test target?
K-2, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12;
Interp w/ caution for educ-disadv indivs
What populations does Kuhlman-Anderson target?
K through 12;
less dependent on language
What does Woodcock Johnson measure?
Cognitive ability, acad achievemt, and scholastic aptitude
What ages do Woodcock Johnson target?
2 through 95
What does Wonderlic Personnel test for?
Mental ability
What is Wonderlic used for?
To det perf. in jobs;
may discriminate against culturally-diverse groups
What dets level to beg testing on Stanford Binet?
Chronological age
Vocab subtest perf