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What are the IS Department responsibilities?
1. Identifying business requirements
2. Architecture development
3. Systems development
4. Operations
5. Support
6. Achieve connectivity
7. IS Service Broker`
Further define identifying business requirements
Helping articulate what the business needs from IT
Further define architecture development
Setting a strategy and maintaining an architecture for both IT and information, providing a framework or standard for systems operations
Further define systems development
Developing and maintaining systems, desgining new systems and updating existing ones
Further define operations
Running the computers and networks
Further define support
Responsible for taking care of the end users
Further define achieve connectivity
1. The goal is not a single, coherent network, but rather finding a means to interface many dissimilar networks

2. Connectivity means allowing users to communicate up, down, across, and out of an organization
Further define IS Service broker
Develop and manage outsourcing service provider contract relationships with a variety of external suppliers