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Who wrote about paradigms in 1962?
Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - 1962
What AMR article in 1989 outlined the criteria for a theory contribution?
Whetten - What Constitutes a Theory Contribution? - 1989
What AMR article in 1989 outlined the how to evaluate management theories?
Bacharach - Organizational Theories: Some Criteria for Evaluation - 1989
Who wrote a 1995 Article about theorizing?
Weick - What theory is not, theorizing is - 1995
The Use of Transaction Cost Framework in Operations and Supply Chain Management Research: Theory and Measurement
Grover and Malhotra - 2003
Studying Information Technology in Organizations: Research Approaches and Assumptions
Orlikowski and Baroudi (1991)
Integrating Positivist and Interpretivist Approaches to Organizational Research
Lee (1991)
External Validity is More than Skin Deep: Answers to Criticisms of Laboratory Research
Berkowitz and Donnerstein (1982)
A paradigm for developing better marketing constructs
Chruchill (1979)
Tutorial on Survey Research
Constructing Validity - Basic Issues on Objective Scale Development
Clark and Watson (1995)
Building Theories from Case Study Reserach
Eisenhardt - 1989 - AMR
Theory Building from Cases: Opportunities and Challenges
Eisenhardt - 2007
What Grounded Theory is Not
Sudaby - 2006
Control: Economic and Organizational Approaches
Eisenhardt - 1985
Determinants of electronic integration of the insurance industry: An empirical investigation
Zaheer and Venkatraman - 1994
Reviewing a Manuscript for Publication
Lee - 1995
Management Misinformation Systems
Ackoff - 1967

Alignment Issues and information overload
Organization Design: An Information Processing View
Galbraith - 1974

Vertical vs. Horizontal
MIS Research: Reference Disciplines and a Cumulative Tradition
Keen 1980
Strategic Planning for Management Information Systems
King - 1978
Alignment Idea
Managing the Crises in Data Processing
Nolan - 1979 - Stages of DP Growth - Slack and Control
Cognitive Style as a Basis for MIS and DSS Design: Much Ado about Nothing?
Huber - 1983 - End of Cognitive Research
Organizational Information Requirements, Media Richness and Structural Design
Daft and Lengel - 1986 - When lean/rich media are appropriate
A Framework for Management Information systems
Gorry and Morton - 1989 - Separation of Decision Type (str. vs. unstr) against the Level of Decision Making (TML)
A program for Research on Management Information Systems
Mason and Mitroff - 1973 - spawned Minnesota Experiments - gave the major variables in IS research in one sentence
A Taxonomy of Decision Support Systems
Alter - 1977
A Framework for the Development of Decision Support Systems
Sprague - 1980 -
A Framework for Research in Computer-Based Management Information
Ives, Hamilton and Davis - 1980
Toward a Comprehensive Framework for MIS Research
Nolan and Wetherbe - 1980 - A system within the organizational system
The Information System as a Competitive Weapon
Ives and Learnmont - 1984 - IT COMPETITIVE STRATEGY
Information Technology and Corporate Strategy: A Research Perpective
Bakos and Treacy - 1986 - IT AND VALUE: IT helps processing, memory, and comm. on the internal, competitive, and business
Information Technology and Sustained Competitive Advantage: A Resource-Based Analysis
Mata, Feurst, and Barney - 1995 - IT AND VALUE - Resource View of the firm where a comp. advantage is gained when a resource is a) of value, b) immobile, and c) non-replicable - IT management is, but IT is not
A Resource-Based Theory of the Firm: Knowledge Versus Opportunism
Conner and Prhalad - 1996 - IT VALUE - this is about knowledge blending and states that this accounts for existence of organizations even in absence of TC's
Review: The Resource-Based View and Information Systems Research: REview, Extension, and Suggestions
Wade and Hulland - 2004 - IT VALUE - Review paper - add more
Profiles of Strategic Information Systems Planning
Segars and Grover - 1999 - IT VALUE - add more
IT-Dependent Strategic Initiatives and Sustained Competitive Advantage: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature
Piccoli and Ives - 2005 - IT VALUE - add more
How Information Gives You Competitive Adavantage
Porter and MIllar - 1985 - IT VALUE
Information Systems Success: The Quest for the Ultimate Dependent Variable
DeLone and McLean - 1992 - IT VALUE (Effectiveness) and what we are trying to get at in our study the categories are: sys. qual., info. qual., use, user satisfaction, org. impact, ind. impact
Does Information Technology Lead to Smaller Firms?
Brynjolfsson and Malone, 1994 - Investments in IT are related to firms becoming smaller 2 to 3 years after the investment
Beyond the Productivity Paradox
Brynjolfsson and Hitt - 1998 - IT VALUE - ECONOMIC - for a while IT investments were not making firms more profitable; however, now they are realizing that measures of productivity were off and IT contributes in other ways
Who coined the term "productivity paradox?
Roach, 1987
The Industry-Level Impact of Information Technology: An Empirical Analysis of Three Industries
Segars and Grover - 1995 - IT VALUE - METHOD -
Business Value of IT: An Essay on Expanding Research Directions to Keep Up With the Times
Grover and Kohli - 2008 - Digital Options are in this one - IT VALUE
Information Technology and Organizational Change: Causal Structure in Theory and Research
Markus and Robey - 1988 - ORG - how to go about org level IS research - IS imperative or Org Imperative
Information Technology and the Structuring of Oganizations
Orlikowski and Robey - 1991
Shaping Agility through Digital Options: Reconceptualizing the Role of Information Technology in Contemporary Firms
Sambamurthy, Bharadwaj and Grover - 2003
Social Networks and Information Systems: Ongoing and Future Research Streams
Oinas-Kukkonen, Lyytinen, and Yoo - 2010
Electronic Markets and Electronic Hierarchies
Malone and Yates - 1987 - GOVERNANCE - EMH! Speaks of a shift toward electronic markets (or perhaps ehierarchies) and the benefits of such
Computerized Loan Origination System: An Industry Case Study of the Electronic Markets Hypothesis
Hess and Kemerer - 1994 - looks at the EMH and notes that the predictions of the EMH do not bear out