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E-commerce is a new way of doncuting business, and as with any other new applicaton of technology, it presents both opportunities for____________ and potential
improvement; problems
Reasons for the sucess of UK based on line grocer Tesco
profit marginof 8%, workers used to fill orders, orders routed directly from web site to store
E bay is an example of what form of e-commerce
Business process that are strong candidates for conversion to e-commerce are those that are are ____________ and __________ and those that can make business more convenient for customers
paper based; time-consuming
the first business processes that companies convert to an e-commerce model were those related to ____ and _____
buying and selling
E-commerce requires the careful planning and integration of a number of
technology infrastructure components
This contains variable information and is built in response to a specific Web visitor's request
dynamic pages
An organization's transaction processing system must support the routine, day-to-day activities that occur in the normal course of business and help a company add value to its
products and services
All transaction processing systems perform a set of basicdata processing activities. Name some
data collection and data editing, data correction and data manipulation, data storage and document production
The implemntation of the business resumption plan is called
Disaster recovery
The process of anticipating and minimizing the effects of disasters is called
business resumption planning
Implementation of __________ system enables a company to achiev numerous business benefits through the creation of a highly integrated set of systems
Enterprise Resource planning
Name some primary benefits of implementing ERP systems
Elimination of inefficient systems, easing adoption of improved work processes, improving access to data for operational decision making
The individual application modules included in an ERP system are designed to support the ____ _____, the most efficient and effective ways to complete a business process
best practices
E-bay is an example of
c2c e-commerce site
Two things that the web server hardware platform depends on are:
the software that must run on the server and the volume of e-commerce transactions that must be processed
The form of e-commerce with the greatest annual sales revenue is
______capture facts about the fundamental business operations of the organization; facts w/o which orders cannot be shipped, customers cannot be invoiced, and employees and suppliers cannot be paid
Transaction processing systems
____involves application-to-application communications of business data between companies in a standard data format
an example of a static web page?
a photo of the company headquarters
Business resumption planning focuses on 2 issues
maintaining the integrity of corporate info and keeping info systems running until normal operations can be resumed
___are software products that can follow a user's instructions and work on their own, they are frequently used to search for and identify sources of products on the internet
E-commerce software must support 5 core tasks name 3
product configuration, catalog management, shpping cart facilities
The process of anticipating and minimizing the effects of disastors is called
business resumption planning
Supply chain management is composed of 3 subprocesses including:
demand planning
supply planning
demand fulfillment
Good decision-making and problem solving skill are the keys to developing effective
information and decision support systems
The first stage of the decision-making process is the
intelligence phase
The final stage of problem solving
a ______ model will find the best solution, usually the one that will best help the organization meet its goals
_____ is often referred to as a rule of thum. It is a commonly accepted guideline or procedure that usually finds a good solution
THe ____must provide the right info to the right person i nthe right fashion at the right time
MIS management information system
What summarizes the previous day's critical activities and is typically available at the beginning of each workday
key-indicator report
Inventory control is a subsystem of the
manufacturing MIS
another name for the ______ MIS is the personnel MIS because it is concerned with activities related to employees and potential employees of the organization
Human resource
_____ are used when the problems are more unstructured
DSS decision support systems
The focus of a decision support system is on decision-making effectiveness when faced with
unstructured or semistructured business problems
What component of a DSS allows decision makers to easily access and manipulate the DSS and to use common business terms and phrases
the dialogue manager
Specialized support systems, such as ____ and _____ use the overall approach of a DSS in situations such as group and executive decision making
GDSS group decision support systems, ESS executive support systems
In a GDSS, what approach or technique uses voting to make the final decision in a group setting
nominal group technique
What helps with joint workgroup scheduling, communication and management
Groupware or workgroup software
A _____ supports the actions of members of the board of directors, who are responsible to stockholders
ESS executive support system
ARtificial intelligence systems form a broad and diverse set of systems that canreplicate _____________for certain types of well defined problems
human decision making
rules of thumb arising from experience or even guesses
An important attribute of artificial intelligence
the ability to acquire a large amount of external information
_____ involves mechanical or computer devices that can paint cars, make precision welds, and perform other tasks that require a high degree of precision or are tedious or hazardous for humans
What branch of artificial intelligence involves a computer system that can simulate the functioning of a human brain
neural networks
A ____ is a combination of software and hardware that allows the computer to change how it funcitons or reacts to situations based on feedback it receives
learning system
Disadvantage of an expert system
limitation to relatively narrow problems
a _____ is a collection of software packages and tools used to develop expert systems that can be implemented on most popular PC platforms to reduce development time and costs
expert system shell
What stores all relevant information, data, rules, cases and relationships used by the expert system
the knowledge base
What is used in the development and use of expert systems
fuzzy logic, use of rules, use of cases
An important part of an expert system is the ____ which allows a user or decision maker to understand how the expert system arrived at certain conclusions or results
explanation facility
Virtual reality systems have the potential to reshape the interface between people and information technology by offering new ways to communicate information, visualize processes and
express ideas creatively
A ____ ____ ____ enables one or more users to move and react ina computer-simulated environment
virtual reality system
What type of virtual reality is used to make humans feel as though they are in a 3 dimensional setting, such as a building, an archaeological excavation site, the human antaomy, a sculpture, or a crime scen reconstruction
________ systems can help organizations and individuals achieve their goals
A __ is a smll, wearable special-purpose device developed by Accenture Technology used to continuously record interactions and store them for future recall
PWA personal awareness assistant