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Composite primary key  
the primary key fields from two intersecting relations.
a collection of information that you organize and access according to the logical structure of that information.
Database management system (DBMS)  
helps you specify the logical organization for a database and access and use the information within the database.
Entity class  
a concept-typically people, places, or things about which you wish to store information and that you can identify with a unique key (called the primary key).
Entity-relationship (E-R) diagram  
a graphic method of representing entity classes and their relationships.
Foreign key  
a primary key of one file (relation) that appears in another file (relation).
an occurrence of an entity class that can be uniquely described.
Intersection relation  
a relation you create to eliminate a many-to-many relationship.
a process of assuring that a relational database structure can be implemented as a series of two-dimensional relations.
Primary key  
a field (or group of fields in some cases) that uniquely describes each record.
Relational database  
uses a series of logically related two-dimensional tables or files to store information in the form of a database.