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What is a database?
An organized collection of data
What is a data warehouse?
A database that collects business information from many sources in the enterprise, covering all aspects of the company’s processes, products and customers.
What is data modeling?
a diagram of data entities and their relationships. It usually focuses on understanding a specific business problem and analyzing the data and information needed to deliver a solution. When done at the level of the entire organization, this is called enterprise data modeling.
What is synchronous communications?
a form of communications where the receiver gets the message instantaneously, when it is sent
What is asynchronous communications?
is a form of communications where the receiver gets the message after some delay- sometimes hours or days after the message is sent
Define Digital Describer Line (DSL)
a telecommunications service that delivers high-speed internet access to homes and small businesses over the existing phone lines of the local telephone network
What is Fiber-Optic Cable?
consists of many extremely thin strands of glass or plastic bound together in a sheathing (also known as a jacket), which transmits signal with light beams
What is a Cable Modem?
a low cost telecommunications service through a cable company which can transmit at speeds of up to 10 Mbps. The cable modem is always on, so you can be connected to the internet around the clock
What is an Infrared Transmission?
A 300 GHz - 400 THz frequency range transmissions through air as light waves.
What is a Twisted-pair wire?
contains two or more twisted pairs of wire, usually copper. Proper twisting of the wire keeps the signal from bleeding into the next pair and creating electrical interference.
What is Broadband?
A telecommunications system in which a very high rate of data exchange is possible. Broadband over power lines is data transmitted over standard high-voltage power lines.
Define Video conference
A telecommunications system that combines video and phone call capabilities with data or document conferencing
Define Wire transfers
A system of transferring money from one bank account directly to another without any paper money changing hands
What are Public network and services?
Systems that give personal computer users access to vast databases and other services, usually for an initial fee plus usage fees
Describe DBMS
A group of programs that manipulate the database and provide an interface between the database and the user of the database and other application Programs
Describe DBA
a skilled IS professional who directs all activities to an organizations database
How many Bits are in a Byte?
Define field
A combination of characters that describes an aspect of a business object or activity
What is a relational model?
A database model that describes data in which all data elements are placed in two-dimensional tables, called relations, which are the logical equivalent of files
Define “Query by example” (QBE).
A visual approach to developing database queries or requests. Like windows and other GUI operating systems, you can perform queries and other database tasks by opening windows and clicking the data or features, you want.
What is a front-end application?
An application that directly interacts with people or users.
What is a back-end application?
An application interacts with other programs or applications; it only interacts indirectly with other people or users.
What is a LAN?
Connects computer systems and devices within a small area.
What is a Wide Area Network
Connects computer systems and devices throughout a very large geographical area.
Describe the object relational database management system (ORDBMS)
A DBMS capable of manipulating audio, video and graphical data
Define MODEM
A telecommunications hardware device that converts (modulates and demodulates) communications signals so they can be transmitted over the communications media.
What is a Bridge?
A telecommunications device that connects one LAN to another LAN using the same telecommunications protocol
What is a Router?
A telecommunications device that forwards data packets across two or more distinct networks toward their destinations, through a process known as routing
What is a Switch?
A telecommunications device that uses the physical device address in each incoming message on the network to determine which output port t should forward the message to reach another device on the same network