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a group of programs that manage computer hardware and system software
systems software
programs that allow computer users to accomplish specific tasks
application software
software platform on which other programs run
opperating system
technique that extends primary memory by using secondary storage devices
virtual memory
interact with the computer by manipulating icons and choosing menu items with a mouse
Graphical User Interface
English like instructions a programer uses to write programs
source code
if a space is too small for the file, the OS store the remainder in a noncontiguous location in a process called
computer program that translates a specific third generation language into machine lang
once the program is compiled it might combine with other object code files by using another specialized type of software called
standard language for manipulating databases
structured query language
standard language for manipulating databases
structured query language
most documents use a specific markup lang called
hypertext markup language
organizes programming logic around objects insted of processes
object oriented programming
to transmit data from one location to another
telecommunications system
messaging standards that define how 2 computers communicate with eachother