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includes computers and communication technologies, most notably the internet
Information Technologies
The system of interconnected economies based on capitalist markets
Protect an invention for 20 years
Protects the expression of an idea
a word phrase or symbol used to identify a product or a business for the purpose of conducting commerce
inventions that the inventor has decided to keep secret
trade secrets
Raw facts
raw facts within a given context
is a set of interrelated information technologies that work together to process store recieve collect and distribute info
information system
consists of computers that include input and output devices
a set of instructions that tell the hardware what to do
special types of software that enable the storage and retrieval of vast amounts of data
allow computers to communicate with eachother
a worldwide connection of networks based on standard technologies that allow companies to comunicate with eachother and allow companies to do business with customers
the internet
systems that support all of the administrative and functional levels
enterprise recource planing
require info that can generate reports and warn them when problems are occuring in their particular area of responsibility
managment information systems
information systems that help managers make decisions that are not routine
decision support systems
systems that provide info links between companies
interorganizational systems
systems that help sales people maintain prospect lists, track orders, and project sales
sales force automation
systems that integrate all of the sales and marketing functions in one system
customer relationship managment
can handle everthing from the most mundane tasks such as filing out a time sheet to the most complex such as handeling a benefits enrollment
human recource managment systems
allowing employees to work from home while providing access to computerized data and applications
a set of principles of right conduct, or the rules or standards governing the condect of a person or the members of a profession
instructions that tell the computer what to do
also called the microprocessor, handles all calculations, and controlls how fast data flows through the system
central processing unit
is temporary storage used for current programs and data
random access memory (RAM)
very high speed ram is used to store recently used data and program instructions
cache memory
retains memory when the computer is off
read only memory
electrical pathway within a computer taht connects componets
millions of cycles per second
billions of cycles persecond
users can interact with the computer by manipulating icons and choosing items with a mouse
graphical user interface
bits are what forms characters and indiviual pieces of data
fields that are grouped together for a specific purpose
is a field or group that uniquely id and individual record
primary key
software that creates and manipulates databases
database managment system
model where each record can be linked to any other record
network model
a field in one table that is a primary key in another
forign key
shows how data are grouped together and related
conceptual model
person places or things we want to store info about
specific piece of data about an entity
describes the structure of a database
physical model