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CUPS : Keywords +
Affectionate, agreeable, calm, caring, concerned, dreamy, emotional, gentle, intuitive, kind, loving, patient, quiet, responsive, romantic, sensitive, tolerant
WANDS : Keywords -
Aggressive, cocky, foolhardy, hasty, headstrong, hot tempered, impatient, impulsive, irresponsible, nervy, overconfident, thoughtless, self-absorbed
WANDS : Keywords +
Adventurous,aggressive, bold, brave, charismatic, charming, cheerful, courageous, eager, firey, inspiring, magnetic, original, outgoing, confident
SWORDS : Keywords +
Analytical, authoritative, clearheaded, dignified, ethical, frank, honest, rational, smart, witty, mental, observant
CUPS : Keywords -
Broody, delicate, escapist, gushy, hypersensitive, lazy, mopish, moody, passive, sulky, temperamental, touchy
SWORDS : Keywords -
Aloof, arrogant, blunt, cold, condescending, controlling, detached, insensitive, judgmental, remote, thoughtless, unfeeling
PENTACLES : Keywords -
Bullheaded, gloomy, grim, humorless, inflexible, materialistic, obsessive, ordinary, perfectionist, rigid, timid, unadventurous
PENTACLES : Keywords +
Able, bighearted, cautious, efficient, determined, firm, generous, hard working, loyal, nurturing, organized, productive, resourceful, stable