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Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
FARAIM - 91.213
- Document That Lists What Can Be Broken (INOP)And Still Be
Able To Fly

- Maintianance Exception
-> Special Flight Permit
-> From The (FSDO) Flight Standars District Office

- Mel Concept (UHI)
-> A Determination Made By PIC
-> INOP Instument Or Component Will Not Effect The Outcome Of Flight
FARAIM - 91.205
- MEL Can Not Be Contained In 91.205
- All 91.205 Components Must Be Operable For Flight

M - Mag Compass
A - Altimeter
T - Tachs
S - Seat Belts
F - Fuel Guages
O - Oil Guages
O - Oil Pressure
L - Landing Gears Position Indicator
M - Manifold Pressure Guage
A - Airspeed Indicator
T - Temp Guage For Each Liquid Cooled Engine
S - Shoulder Straps
POH - No Go Items
G - Governor
O - Outside Air Temp
A - Alternator
L - Low Horn & Light Warning System
FARAIM - Night No Go Items
- Position Lights
- Landing Light (For Hire Only)
- Anti-collision Light
- Alternator
- Spare Fuses
POH - Night No Go Items
*All Lights Must Be Operable*
- Position Lights
- Anti-collision Lights
- Landing Lights
- All Instuments Lights