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Minerals are defined as ..?
a naturally formed, inorganic solid that has a definite crystalline structure
not made from living things , no carbon, diamond is exception
What makes up rocks?
What is a crystal?
Mineral crystals are solid, geometric forms that are produced by repeating pattern of atoms
Silicate Minerals
contain a combination of silicon and oxygen
Ex. quartz, feldspar, and mica
Nonsilicate Minerals
do not contain a combination of the elements silicon and oxygen
Ex. calcite, fluorite, and gypsum
What are the ways to Identify Minerals?
color, luster, streak, cleavage and fracture, density, and hardness
minerals display a large variety of colors and can be found in multiple colors- not the best way to identify becuase of impurities
the way a surface reflects light METALLIC = shinny, submetallic or nonmetallic = dull luster
color of a mineral in powered form can be found by rubbing the mineral against a piece of unglazed porcelain called a streak plate
Cleavage and Fracture
way a mineral breaks is determined by the arrangment of its atoms
tendenct of some minerals to braek along smooth, flat surfaces
tendeny of some minerals to braek unevenly along curved or irregular surfaces
measure of how much matter is in a given amount of space different minerals have different densities
a minerals resistance to being scratched is called hardness to determine hardness of minerals scienttist use MOHS HARDNESS SCALE
How to read the scale
talc has rating of 1 and diamond has rating of 10 the greater a minerals resistance to being scartches is the higher a mienerals rating is