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What is matter? It can be classified in 3 forms, what are these 3 forms?
- anything that takes up space and has mass
- matter can be classified into 3 forms: 1. elements
2. compounds
3. mixtures
What are the four states of matter?
1. Gas (Gary)
2. Liquid(Likes)
3. Solid(Soda)
4. Plasa(Pop)
What are elements?
- cannot be broken down into simpler forms
- 114 elements
- 90 elements occur naturally
- each element is represented by a symbol
What is an atom? Define the atomic structure.
- an atom is the building block of all matter
- it is possible to have a single atom of an element
What is an atom? Define the atomic Structure.
- an atom is the building block of all matter
- it is possible to have a single atom of an element
- atomic structure: 3 different types of particles:
1. protons- positively charged
2. eletrons- negatively charged, found in rings/shells that cirlce the nucleus
3. neutrons- has no charge, found in the nucleus
What is a molecule?
- a molecule is a neutral particle formed when atoms share electrons
what is a compound? what is a mixture?
- pure substance that contains 2 or more elements that are chemically bonded

- 2 or more substances that are physically combined(rocks become mixtures)
EX: salt water is a mixture of sodium chloride
define chemical formulas
- shows the elements in a compound and the number of ecah ele,emt in that compound
~ to represent the number of each element use a subscript
what is a subscript?
- a small number found to the bottom right of a n element's symbol
- if there is only one element, no subscript is necessary

2NaCl (coefficient) + H2O (subcript)
minerals: what characteristics must a mineral posses? how many minerals are found on earth? what does crystalline mean?
- naturally occurring
- inorganic
- solid
- crystalline structure
~ with a definate chemical composition

*4000 minerals are found on earth

crystalline: means that atoms are arranged in repeating patterns
define crystals. what are the crystal structures?
- a crystal is a solid in which the atoms are arranged in repeating patterns
6 major crystal structures:
1. hexagonal
2. orthorhombic
3. triclinic
4. monoclinic
5. cubic
6. tetragonal
what are the ways crystals can form?
- form from magma
- form from lava
- form from solutions
what are silicates? wat are the made of?
- a group of minerals that form most rocks
- made of: oxygen and silicon, which are the 2 most abundant elements in the earth's crust
- oxygen and silcon combine to form most of earth's minerals
what is a commone silicate?
a common silicate is quartz