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PCR stands for
PErsonnel Casualty REport
PCR's are req for ?
Navy Mbrs, certain former mbrs, certain navy fam mbrs, mbrs of armed forces attached to navy cmds, incapitated individuals
For all casualities what should commands do?
Send page 2 and sgli to pers 62
what may commanding officer (CO),
commander, or officer in charge (OIC) of a member’s last
permanent duty station do on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV)) on the
occasion of an active duty member’s transfer to the Fleet
Reserve or the Retired List?
present a United States(U.S.) flag
what responsiblity does a mbrs have Upon notification of Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERSCOM)
approved retirement or Fleet Reserve transfer date,
the member
may request or decline a command-sponsored ceremony, or the
member may host their own retirement ceremony.
Separation orders for ____ will be final orders
and will be issued only ______
Officers, SecNAV or CHNAVPERS
Who will not be
separated nor transferred for separation without specific
direction of CHNAVPERS?
Officers in receipt of separation orders who have
disciplinary action pending or contemplated, or who are subject
to the unexecuted sentence of courts-martial,
Officers pending a mandatory separation or retirement
will not be delayed unless...
the member is either hospitalized or
a medical board report has been accepted by the physical
evaluation board (PEB) for disability evaluation processing
prior to the mandatory release/retirement date.
Who shall be an information addressee
in all messages concerning Officer's hospitalization, medical reevaluations,
and follow-up progress reports?
Personnel Command (PERS-834) shall be an information addressee
in all messages concerning hospitalization, medical reevaluations,
and follow-up progress reports.