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domestic policy
Policies that affect a nation's internal affairs
a serious criminal offence punishable by imprisonment. the penalties range from one year in prison to death
in-kind subsidy
assistance that is given in forms other than cash, such as food stamps
income transfer
the transfer of income from one group to another, as with the farm program, and the transfer from one generation to another, as occurs in the Social Security program
Social Security
a government insurance program of obligatory savings financed from payroll taxes imposed on both employers and employees. Workers pay for the benefits after they retire.
supplemental sucurity income (SSI)
a government program that establishes a minimum income for the aged, the blind, and the disabled
temperary assistance to needy families (TANF)
funds in the form of grant, turned over to the states by the U.S. government; restrictions include a two-year limit on benefits unless recipient is working, and a five year maximum for benefits
food stamps
government-issued coupons that can be used to purchase food
earned income tax credit (EITC)
a program created in 1975 which gives back to low-income workers part or all of their social security taxes
enviromental impact statement
a statement mandated by the Environmental Policy act that must show the costs and benefits of federal actions that could significantly affect the quality of the environment
global warming
the annual increase in average climatic temperatures throughout the world
green house affect
the trapping of heat inside the earth's atmosphere, which is a result of pollution caused largely by the burning of fossil fuels, and the emissions of carbon dioxide
kyoto protocol
a 1997 agreement among industrial nations to reduce emissions of green house gasses