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The size of a ship is usually given as?
displacement in long tons.
The categories of warships include—
a. Aircraft carriers
b. Battleships
c. Cruisers
d. Destroyers
e. Frigates
f. Submarines
The term used to indicate the speed of a ship is
the knot, which is 1 nautical mile per hour or
about 1 1/8 statute miles per hour.
The four categories of ships are—
a. Auxiliary ships
b. Combatant craft
c. Combatant ships
d. Support craft
The two classes of submarines are the?
a. Attack submarine, and the
b. Ballistic missile submarine
The Navy acquired its first aircraft in?
Support craft designators usually start with the
The class of ship used to land large numbers of personnel, equipment, and supplies on enemy held territory is the?
Amphibious war ship
Usually, ships maintain a distance of ? feet
while taking on supplies (replenishment) at sea.
100 feet
The largest and most powerful auxiliary ship is
Fast combat support ship (AOE)