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The first recognition by foreign soil of the American Stars and Stripes was?
On February 14,
1778, JohnPaul Jones sailed into Quiberon Bay, France,
in the USS Ranger and saluted the French fleet
anchored there
During the late 18th century, battleships were classified as?
Ships of the Line
What was the reason for the foramation of the United States Navy?
Survival of the colonies
Navy's birthday?
October 13th, 1775
Small sailing war-ships that carried 20 to 30 guns were called?
3 Navy ships in the Continental Navy were?
1. Providence
2. Lexington
3. Bonhomme Richard
The first wartime submarine was called?
The Turtle
First Naval vessel on which the "Flag of Freedom" was hoited?
USS Alfred
Our first Commander in Chief of the Continental Navy?
Esek Hopkins
Known as one of the "most daring commanders", skipper of the USS Ranger, and "father of our highest Naval Traditions"?
John Paul Jones
Led by John Paul Jones, the battle between the USS Bonhomme Richard vs. ??????? went down as one of the great Naval battles in history.
One of the first Six Frigates that were built to the new "long & strong" specification built for speed and firepower in 1794.
The USS Constitution
These became submarine hunters and were used primarily to deliver torpedo attacks.
This was considered the Navy's first Air Craft Carrier.
USS George Washington Parke Custis
He was the Navy's first Admiral who stated "Damn the Torpedos, full speed ahead".
Admiral David Faragut
One of the first instructors at the Naval War College.
Alfred T. Mahan
"Remember the Maine" became the battle cry for this famous war.
The Spanish-American War
Initially, women in the Navy had 2 roles, they were?
Nurses and Yeomen (F)
What started World War II?
The bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.
What significance did 30 July 1943 have on the Navy?
Congress authorized the
establishment of the Women’s Reserve to fill acute shortages of personnel during World War II.