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How many Codes of conduct are there?
What is the instruction for the SORN?
Article 137 of UCMJ states you should explain the UCMJ articles to sailors what 3 times?
1. Within 6 days of entrance
2. After 6 months of AD
3. Each re-enlistment
Prisoners in confinement must be visited at least ? hours.
4 hours
Sailors cannot lend money to each other at an interest rate higher than?
18 percent
Article ? Explains the Commanding Officers Nonjudicial punishment.
Article 15
Articles 85 & 86?
Desertion and Absence without leave
Article 111 & 112
Drunk driving and Drunk on Duty
Confinement on Bread and water can be given to what rank?
E3's and below
An appeal for NJP must be made within?
5 days
Article ? of the UCMJ allows any person to communicate with the Commanding Officer?
Article 1107
The highest Courts-Martial where you can be awarded death?
General Courts-martial
The middle Courts-Martial where you can be awarded confinement for 6 months, a BCD, loss of 2/3rds pay for 6 months and hard labor without confinement for 3 months.
Special Courts-martial
This court martial can award confinement for one month and hard labor without confinement for 45 days
What chapter of Navy Regs deals with your responsibility and authority while carrying out orders?
Chapter 10
What chapter of Navy Regs deals with your Rights and Responsibilities?
Chapter 11