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What AR covers military justice?
AR 27-10
Does a person have to accept an article 15?
no, he/she has a right to demand trial by court martial
What kind of extra duty is an NCO given by an article 15?
supervisory duty only
What are 3 types of Court martial?
1. summarized
2. special
3. general
What are articles 77-134 of the UCMJ known as?
punitive articles
What are the 3 classifications of article 15s?
1. summarized
2. company
3. field grade
What does the UCMJ establish?
it declares what conduct is a crime and establishes the procedures to be followed in the administration of military justice
Who may impose an Article 15?
any commanding officer or a warrant officer exercising command
What is a Field Grade Article 15?
an article 15 imposed by an O4 or higher
When was the UCMJ enacted?
1950 by congress
How many articles are there in the UCMJ?
146 articles and 12 sub articles
What is the UCMJ?
the statue that prescribes criminal law for soldiers
What does SERE stand for?
Survival, escape, resistance, evasion
What was the reason the COC was developed?
to provide a mental defense for US POWs.
What document supports the COC?
manual for courts martial under UCMJ