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Armed Forces assign personnel to duties as military police. What does each branch of service call them?
Air Force - Security Police
Army & Marine Corps - Military Police
Navy - Shore Patrol
What information are you required to give if you become a POW?
The Code of Conduct was adopted to provide guidance for service personnel in which circumstance?
When facing the enemy as Prisoners of War
In what year was Executive Order 12633 issued amending the Code of Conduct to use neutral-gender language?
Hom many articles make up the Code of Conduct?
When if ever, may you voluntarily surrender to the enemy?
Aboard ship, the MAA force is headed by the CMAA who works directly for who?
Punishment is administered in the Navy for what reason?
To serve as an object lesson to the wrongdoer and others
What person is responsible for making sure that the Navy Regs conforms to the current needs of the Department of the Navy?
Navy Regs and changes to it are issued by the Secretary of the Navy after what person approves them?
The President
What article of the Navy Regs lisits the publications that must be made available upon request by an active-duty person?
Navy Regs article 1104 treatment and release of prisoners, prohibits creul and/or unusual treatment. According to this article prisoners must be checked on what minimum interval?
Every 4 hours
Who is subject to customs inspections?
When are the three times certain articles of the UCMJ, under article 137 have to be explained to an enlisted person?
1)When entering Active Duty
2)After 6 months on Active Duty
3)Each time the person re-enlists
When an accused person selects a civilian counsel, who must bear the expense of such counsel?
The accused only
The status of an absentee changes from absence without leave to deserter after how many days absent?
Under UCMJ, article 116, riot or breach of peace, the term riot is used when a disturbance is caused by what minimum number of people?
Weapons or other public property taken from captured enemy forces becomes property of whom?
The United States
U.S. Navy Regulations describe what?
Rights and Responsibilites of all Navy Members
What are duties of the Police Petty Officers?
1)They are on a divisional instead of shipwide basis
2)Reveille and Taps
3)Ensuring compartments are clean and maintaining order
What are the duties of the MAA force?
1)Enforces Navy and ship regulations
2)Musters restricted personnel
3)Holds Reveille
4)Performs duties required for the maintainence of good order and discipline
All members of the armed forces police detachment are identified by?
Brassards (armbands)with the letters "AFPD"
What are the three sources that set forth the basic disciplinary laws for the U.S. Navy?
1) U.S. Navy Regulations
2)Standard Organizations and Regulations of the U.S. Navy
In what year was the Code of Conduct first prescribed? And by whom?
1955 by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Who may be assigned shore patrol duties?
Officers and Petty Officers
In areas where different armed services are located, the military police from each service may be combined to form one unit. What term identifies this unit?
Navy Regs, article 1033 Authority in a boat, provides who the authority and responsibility over all persons embarked?
The Senior Line Officer eligible for command at sea
You may not be ordered to active duty without the permission of who?
Chief of Naval Personnel
Standard organization and regulation of the U.S. Navy are posted in which of the Following locations onboard ship or station?
1)On Bulletin boards
2)In the Log Room
3)On the Quarterdeck
On what date did the original UCMJ become effective?
May 31, 1951
Discipline training develops which personal traits?
3)Self Control
Discipline is important to the Navy for what reasons?
To enable personnel to function as a unit with a high degree of efficiency
What characteristics are traits of a good sailor?
1)Puts the good of the ship and the Navy above personnel likes and dislikes
2)Obeys the rules of military courtesy and etiquette
3)Demonstrates loyalty, self-control, honesty, and truthfulness
What are the three types of Court Martials
1) Summary
2) Special
3) General
When is extra duty to be given and not to whom?
1) Not to exceed 2 hrs daily and not on holidays
2)Not to Petty Officers that would demean their grade or position
Confinement on bread and water or diminished rations can be only given to whom?
Enlisted personnel E-3 and below aboard ship
What are the punitive articles of the UCMJ?
Articles 77-134
What is OPNAVINST 3120.32?
Organization and
Regulations of the U.S.