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Def. of AAFES
army and air force exchange service. pronounced a-fees.
Def. of exchange
department stores on military bases.
What does AAFES do?
operates the exchanges on Army and Air Force bases.
Def. of ACS
army community services. the fsc for the army.
Def. of AFB
air force base.
Def. of AFRTS
armed forces radio and television. the military TV and radio.
Def. of AFSA
air force services agengy. the MWR of the AF.
Def. of AFTB
army family team building.
What does AFTB do?
an Army program to empower and encourage family members to be self-sufficient.
Def. of allotment
An amount of money from your paycheck paid directly to an individial. i.e. for rent.
Def. of ANCOC
advanced noncommissioned officer course.
Def. of BAH (or BHA)
basic allowance for housing.
(basic housing allowance)
Def. of BAS
basic allowance for subsistence. food allowance.
Def. of basic pay
main component of military pay; based on pay grade.
Def. of BDU
battle dress uniform.
Def. of billet
job or position given to you by a detailer.
Def. of BNCOC
basic noncommissioned officer course.
Def. of BOQ/BEQ
bachelor officer's quarters/ bachelor enlisted quarters.
What are the BOQ/BEQ?
where single officers or enlisted live.
Def. of BX
base exchange. the air force's exchange.
Def. of CDS
child development services. inexpensive day care on base.
Def. of CINC
commander in chief (pronounced "sink").
Def. of CO
commanding officer. head honcho.
Def. of COLA
cost of living adjustment.
What does COLA do?
increase or decrease in pay for living, depending on how expensive it is to live there.
Def. of commissary
military-run grocery store on base.
Def. of CONUS
continental united states.
Def. of CPO
civilian personnel office. place to get a job w/ government or on base.
Def. of DEERS
defense enrollment eligibility reporting service.
What does DEERS do?
department that determines which benefits you're entitled to.
Def. of deploy
to go out on a mission for a lengthy period of time.
Def. of DEROS
date of estimated return from oversees. when the SM (servicemember) comes home.
What is a detailer?
person who is responsible for your job and duty station assignments.
Def. of assignments officer
the army term for a detailer.
Def. of DFAS
defense finance and accounting service. people who make sure you get paid.
Def. of DITY move
do-it-yourself move. moving without professional help.
Def. of DLA
dislocation allowance. pay to cover the cost of relocation.
Def. of duty station
location to which a SM is assigned to work.
Def. of ETS
expiration term of service. date the SM is scheduled to get out of the military unless they reenlist.
Def. of FSC
family support center. base office that help military families with everything.
Def. of ITT
information, tickets, and tours. place to find great discounts on entertainment.
Def. of LES
leave and earnings statement. montly pay stub.
Def. of MCB
marine corps base.
Def. of MCX
marine corps exchange.
Def. of MRE
meals ready to eat. the military's quick food.
Def. of MTF
military treatment facility. military hospital.
Def. of MWR
morale, welfare, and recreation. entertainment office, essentially.
Def. of NB
naval base.
Def. of NCO
noncommissioned officer
Def. of NCOIC
noncommissioned officer in charge.
Def. of O Club
officers' club. separate restaurant and bar for officers.
Def. of OCONUS
outside the continental united states. overseas.
Def. of OCS
officer candidate school.
Def. of OIC
officer in charge.
Def. of OIS
officer indoctrination school. milder version of OCS.
Def. of OOC
out of commission.
Def. of OTC and which branch it belongs to
officer training course. the air force's officer training school.
Def. of PCM
primary care manager. your main doctor.
Def. of PCS
permanent change of station. to relocate. (PCSing).
Def. of per diem
pay a SM receives to cover the cost of travel while on temporary duty.
Def. of PLDC
primary leadership development course. for enlisted.
Def. of POA
power of attorney. allows you to act on behalf of your SM.
Def. of POV
privately owned vehicle.
Def. of PT
physical training.
Def. of PX
post exchange, for the army.
Def. of QTRS
quarters. your living area.
Def. of SBP
survivor benefit plan. money you get as a widow.
Def. of SGLI
servicemembers' group life insurance. inexpensive life insurance plan.
Def. of Space A
space available. as in, space available left on military planes.
Def. of TDY/TAD
temporary duty/temporary assigned duty. temporary assignment, usually training.
Def. of Tricare
the military's HMO, or health plan/benefits.
Def. of TSP
thrift savings plan. retirement savings plan.
Def. of unaccompanied tour
permanent duty station in a remote location for at least a year; family is not allowed to move there.
Def. of USA
united states army
Def. of XO
executive officer. second in command behind the commanding officer (CO).