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When enrolling in Tricare Prime, what important decision is made?
Who your primary care manager will be to care for your family.
An effective and efficient process for rapidly improving the health of the population affected by acute medical conditions and the related medical costs is the purpose of:
Condition management.
When properly executed, condition management can provide:
Continuity in provider practices.
Which team members takes on the responsibility of devolping patient care plans everyone can follow?
What other team member other than the provider is responsible for notifying patients of their results?
What guidance authorizes the Aerospace Medical Technican to order lab tests and x-rays for patients prior to seeing the nurse or provider?
Locol protocols.
Which team member is known as the information expert?
Health Service Management Specialist.
What function does the UTC FFEP 5, EMEDS surgical Augmentation team, provide?
24 hr. surgery capability.
Which EMEDS increment provides advanced surgical and trauma support?
EMEDS Basic requires both routine AE support and urgent AE support within how many hours of notification?
24 hrs. for routine AE support & 12 hrs. for urgent AE support.
For what is the UTC FFGL2, the medical Preventative and Aeromedical team responsible?
Ensuring safety of food and water supply.
What capabilities is the UTC FFMFS, Medical Mobile Field Surgical Team responsible for providing?
Provides primary disaster medical capability for the EMEDS?
How many personnel are assigned to the EMEDS +10 increment?
56 personnel
The EMEDS components are broken down into which 3 increments?
EMEDS Basic, +10, +25
An active duty SMSgt, 9 skill level, must keep what certification current if required by duty position?
Which part of the CFETP is designed to provide formal course developers & field supervisors with information necessary to identify, plan & conduct training?
Part II
What document identifies tasks applicable to the members duty section?
MTL, Master Task List.
The six-part folder was implemented for mandatory use by the 4N0XX career field in:
Who approved the changes to the CFETP?
USAF Surgeon General
AF Form 623b, individual training record is always mandatory for which skill levels?
3-, 5-, & 7 skill levels
The annual units budget will be reduced when the budget spending for the year has dropped by:
10 percent
What is the definiton of manpower?
The number of people contributing to or needed for a workforce.
One man-hour is equivalent to one person working at a normal pace for:
60 minutes
The description of the workload, associated conditions, a grade & skill level table, approved variances and a processes analysis summary is the definition of:
manpower standard
What are the only certification documents kept in the six part folder?
NREMT-B card & CPR card
AF Form 55, Employee Safety & Health Record, is found in which part & section of the six part folder?
Part I Sect. A
How are reengineering Primary Care services known as primary care optimization, and the need to recapture pt. care the private sector being accomplished through:
Population Health Management
In response to the patients demand for health care exceeding the current system capability, the DOD introduced what program to continue providing the best health care:
Managed care program
What is the ratio of C-17's used for EMEDS versus 25 bed Air Transportable Hospital?
What kind of change to casulty survival rates occurs when AE is available?
Significantly increase with AE.
Information found in this document provides a clear picture of the manning positions within an MTF?
Unit manpower document.
What is the numeric code that identifies a particular task that may include an alpha prefix or suffix?
Air Force Speciality Code.
Each position in the UMD is displayed over fiscal quarters. When does the fiscal year start & end?
1 Oct. thru 30 Sept.
What is the first element of the time management?
The responsibility of reviewing and approving staff schedules lies with the:
NCOIC/Nurse Manager
Another term for a 12 hour schedule is:
How many hours a day do people on a conventional schedule work?
What tools do supervisors use to set clear expectations for subordinates?
Position descriptions and performance standards.
How often are the unit position descriptions reviewed and updated?
To provide an outline of the funtions and activities required to achieve objective and aid in the selection for the right person for a particular job, is the explanation for the:
Purpose of a position description.
What tool can be used to identify potential training needs while maintaining continunity?
Position description.
Which document provides outside agencies with the valuable information necessary for nursing personnel?
Postion description.
What document is used when evaluating if a member has met the standard?
Performance standard.
If a performance can be evaluated by how much, how fast or how often, what performance criterion is used?
What factors does a performance standard evaluation report?
Observable factors.
The assessment of an individuals ability to perform a certain job is the definiton for:
What is minimum time for up-grade training to a 7- skill level?
12 months
The movement of stabilized patients from forward medical locations to another pre-arranged destination is the definiton of:
How many tents make up the EMEDS +10 increment?
How many critical care patients can be cared for by the EMEDS +10 increment?
What is the total number of personnel assigned to the EMEDS +25?
EMEDS +25 provides primary care support for how many deployed personnel?
How many major surgeries is the EMEDS +25 team able to perform in 72 hours?
UTC FFDAB, the Flight medicine team, provides care and treatment for a maximum of:
2000 personnel
Which EMEDS increment is capable of performing 10 major surgeries in 24 hours?
Which EMEDS increment has no patient beds?
Who is responsible for forecasting unit supplies requirements?
Medical Material.
Who has the final approval authority for equipment requests?
MTF Commander.
A list of supply items that are used routinely with in a duty section are found on what issuing report/list?
Shopping guide issue list.
The automatic restocking of primary supply storage is accomplished under what medical logistics system?
Internal distribution operation.
What type of logistics issue is accomplished for the request of a one-time order with no foreseeable demand for one year?
Non-Routine issues.
What transaction must be completed before an item previously on back order, shows up on the using activity issue list?
Back order release issue.
When there is a change in procedures or mission, how do you manage the equipment NOT in use?
Contact MEMO for turn-in action.
Who appoints property custodians?
MTF Commander.
When taking over as the custodian for a new supply account, what is the first task to be accomplished?
Ensure you and the losing custodian perform a thorough inventory.
While performing an inventory of all equipment what else should be checked?
The serviceability, maintenance & calibration of equipment.
When can the AF Form 601 be destroyed?
When an item is correctly listed on the new custodial action list or custody reciept/locator list.
When transferring equipment, who is required to initiate the AF Form 601 transfer request?
The losing custodian.
How many days does it normally take for an equipment turn-in or transfer to be processed?
5 days
What information does the last page of each customer support listing contain?
The dollar value summary, refundable/reimbursable dollar amount and the dollar value of non refundable/non-reimbursable items.
Approximately how much of the budget is spent on medical supply purchases?
50 percent.
The AFCFM utilizes what survey to determine jobs currently being performed by the career field?
Occupational Survey Report and Job Inventory Survey.
Who devolps & maintains currency of the CFETP?
Career Field Manager.
What conference can you attend where you will have input to the CFETP?
Utilization and Training Workshop.
How is the AFCFM selected?
Must volunteer and have a broad breath of experience needed for the position.
What percentage of SMSgt makes up the enlisted ranks?
2 percent.
The Senior NCO Board evaluates based on what concept?
The whole person concept.
The Air Force Career Field Manager has what skill level?
On what type of schedule do the IMA fulfull their work commitment?
IMA's work during the normal work week.
How many AF Reserve units are located in the US?
How many Individual mobilization Augmentees (IMA) are assigned to the Air Reserve?
Air Reserve Command has a total of how many personnel assigned?
Which UTC contains enough supplies for 30 days, operating 24 hrs./day, 7 days a week?