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1. Which IRQ does the system timer use?

A. IRQ 0
B. IRQ 1
C. IRQ 2
D. IRQ 3
Answer: A
2. Which memory address range is reserved for VGA video card?

A. C000-C3FF
B. C000-C7FF
C. D000-D7FF
D. D000-DFFF
Answer: B
3. A technician connects a joystick to a sound card. What IRQ would the joystick use?

A. IRQ 2
B. IRQ 5
C. IRQ 10
D. Joystick does not use an IRQ.
Answer: B
4. Which interrupt does the real-time clock use?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 8
D. 13
Answer: C

Explanation: The System CMOS/real time clock uses IRQ 8.
Incorrect Answers
A: The system timer use IRQ 0.
B: The keyboard use IRQ 1.
D: The numeric data processor use IRQ 13.
5. What is the default IRQ for COM1?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: C

Explanation: COM1 and COM3 use IRQ4.
Incorrect Answers
COM2 and COM4 use IRQ3.
6. You are installing a modem on COM3. Which I/O address should you normally use?

A. 2E8H
B. 2F8H
C. 3E8H
D. 3F8H
Answer: C

Explanation: The following IO addresses are used by the COM ports:
COM1: 3F8
COM2: 2F8
COM3: 3E8
COM4: 2E8
7. What is the default IRQ for the floppy drive controller?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 6
D. 9
Answer: C

Explanation: The floppy drive controller use IRQ 6 as default.
Incorrect Answers
A, D: IRQ 2 and IRQ 9 are available for use.
B: IRQ 3 is used by COM2 and COM4.
8. Which setting must a device have in order to interrupt the CPU?

B. I/O address
C. DMA channel
D. Memory address
Answer: A

Explanation: Interrupt requests (IRQs) are used to interrupt the processor.
9. What is the default IRQ for LPT1?

A. 2
B. 5
C. 7
D. 13
Answer: C

Explanation: LTP1 use IRQ 7 by default. This can be checked with the Device Manager
10. When configuring ISA network interface cards without jumpers or plug and play. What is used to set IRQs?

C. The operating system.
D. Configuration software.
Answer: D

Explanation: ISA cards need either configuration software or configuration on the physical cards (DIP switches or jumpers).
11. What is the most probable cause of a sound card and a printer working intermittently?

A. Conflicting IRQs.
B. The wrong APM setting.
C. A changed printer cable.
D. An improperly seated card.
Answer: A

The most likely cause of this intermittent problem is a hardware conflict. A hardware conflicts occurs when two devices use the same IRQIn this scenario the sound card and the printer use the same IRQ.
Incorrect Answers
B: Advanced Power Management (APM) settings would not cause devices to work intermittently.
C: A changed printer cable would not affect the sound card.
12. What is the default I/O port for COM2?

A. 2E8H.
B. 3E8H.
C. 2F8H.
D. 3F8H.
Answer: C
13. Which interrupt is cascaded to provide interrupts 9 through 15?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: B

Explanation: IRQ2 cascades to IRQ9.
14. A customer installs a modem in a Windows 98 system. Now there is an IRQ conflict with COM2. The modem would probably run properly if configured to use COM3. Which I/O Port and IRQ should the customer use with COM3?

A. 2E8-2Efh, IRQ 3
B. 3E8-3Efh, IRQ 4
C. 2f8-2ffh, IRQ 3
D. 3f8-3ffh, IRQ 4
Answer: B
Explanation: COM3 uses IRQ 4 and the base I/O port 03E8h
15. You are the technician at Certkiller . You have just received a new printer for testing. You notice that the printer has IR (Infrared) support. You want to setup a laptop to use this printer via IR (Infrared). What is the IRQ and DMA channel you would use?

A. IRQ 3 and DMA 4.
B. IRQ 4 and DMA 3.
C. IRQ 4 and DMA 2.
D. IRQ 5 and DMA 1.
Answer: D
16. You have a jumpered modem that could only take the standard COM1 and COM 2 ports. Which step will help when installing the modem in a Windows 9x PC?

A. Disable the second serial port in CMOS.
B. Free the IRQ tied up by the floppy drive controller.
C. Use manual setting for COM1 and set it to IRQ 4.
D. Ensure that the second and third USB devices are not conflicting with the
Answer: C

Explanation: In Windows 9x we can manually configure COM1 for the modem. Furthermore, we should ensure that COM1 use the standard IRQ value of 4.
Incorrect Answers
A: Disabling the second serial port would not be useful. We have no conflicts.
B: The IRQ used by the floppy controller, IRQ 6, cannot be used. We must the standard
IRQ for COM1, namely IRQ 4. D: The USB devices on a single USB bus use only a single IRQ.
17. You are a technician, Your newly appointed trainee wants to install a second Parallel Port in a PC. What resources should she configure the device to use?

A. IRQ=5, I/O=378h
B. IRQ=5, I/O=278h
C. IRQ=3, I/O=378h
D. IRQ=7, I/O=3E8h
Answer: B

EXPLANATION: Although most computers only have one LPT (parallel) port, a second LPT port can be added but the second LPT port (LPT2) must use IRQ 5 and I/O 278
18. A customer installed a new modem now her mouse freezes up. What could be done to correct the problem? (Choose two)
A. Reboot system.
B. Set the mouse to a different IRQ.
C. Set the modem to a different COM Port.
D. Move the modem to a different expansion slot.
Answer: B, C
19. Which I/O port does the secondary IDE controller use?

A. 134H
B. 168H
C. 170H
D. 1F0H
Answer: C

Explanation: The secondary IDE Channel uses the 170-177 address range
Incorrect Answers
The primary IDE Channel uses the 1F0-1F7 address range.
20. How many DMA channels are there in AT class computers?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 7
D. 8
Answer: D

Explanation: Traditionally, in XT computers had a single DMA circuit with 4 DMA channels. In later models, including AT computers, two DMA-circuits are used, each with 4 channels which brings the total number of DMA channels to eight.
Incorrect Answers
A, C: 3 or 7 DMA channels have never been used.
B: XT class computer used 4 DMA channels.
21. You are a technician at Certkiller . Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to know which of the following DMA channels are usable. What would your reply be? (Choose three)

A. 0
B. 1
C. 7
D. 8
E. 9
Answer: A, B, C
22. When installing PCI network interface you can check IRQ availability looking at?

A. DIP switches.
B. Config.sys.
C. Jumper settings.
D. Motherboard BIOS.
Answer: D

Explanation: The BIOS (or even better the Device Manager) can be used to check IRQ availability.
Incorrect Answers
A, C: DIP switches or jumper settings might be used for IRQ configuration, but they do
not contain information on available IRQs.
B: Configuration files do not contain information on available IRQs.
23. Which IRQs are assigned first?

A. CMOS configured.
B. Hardware configured.
C. Windows 9x legacy.
D. Windows 9x plug and play.
Answer: A

Explanation: You use BIOS to reserve IRQs for non-Plug and Play devices. This prevents Plug and Play devices from using these IRQs. The BIOS configuration is saved in CMOS memory.
Incorrect Answers
B, C: Hardware configured and Windows 9x legacy devices might be configurable from
within the OS or not at all. These devices are not assigned any IRQ, they just use the
IRQ that they have been configured with.
D: Plug and play devices configure themselves and use the remaining available IRQs.
24. What should be done to ensure that the proper hardware resources are available when installing a legacy hardware device?

A. Reserve its hardware resources in the PnP/PCI CMOS Settings.
B. Allow the OS to detect if and reserve its hardware resources.
C. Manually configure the device by properly configuring the device drives.
D. Disable any non-legacy devices, and then re-enable them after the legacy device is installed.
Answer: A
25. What will you do in a case when a Device Manager reports an IRQ conflict between two modems after restarting in an environment where a Windows-2000 computer has a non PnP (non Plug and Play) modem that uses IRQ 5.A technician adds a PCI modem?

A. Use the Device Manager to change the IRQ of the non PnP (non Plug and Play) modem to 9.
B. Edit the CMOS settings on the computer to reserve IRQ 5 for non PnP (non Plug and Play) devices.
C. Use the Device Manager to change the IRQ of the non PnP (non Plug and Play) modem to 11.
D. Start the modem trouble shooter to resolve the problem.
Answer: B