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1. How should you open the tray on an inoperative CD-ROM drive?

A. Push the eject button.
B. Push in on the lower-right corner door.
C. Right-click the CD icon and select Eject.
D. Insert a paper clip into the CD drive eject hole.
Answer: D

Explanation: The eject hold of the CD Drive can be used to mechanically open the drive.
2. A customer just installed a new CD-RW. The system was working fine before the installation, but now the CD-RW does not work. What should you suggest that the customer should do?

A. Flash or upgrade the BIOS
B. Check the CONFIG.SYS setup
C. Add the CD-RW in the device manager
D. Check the jumper settings on the CD-RW
Answer: D

Explanation: Most CD-RWs are connected through IDE interface. Modern PCs has two IDE interfaces. Each interface can host two devices: one master and one slave. Each IDE should either be configured as master or as slave through jumper settings. If an IDE device is misconfigured it will not function. This is the most likely cause of the problem in this scenario

Incorrect Answers
A: It is not likely that a BIOS upgrades would affect the IDE interface in any direct way.
B: The CONFIG.SYS command does not contain any device drivers. Furthermore, CONFIG.SYS is only used on legacy operating systems. C: CD-RWs are not added through the Device Manager.
3. A customer complains that they are getting buffer underrun errors every time they try to burn a CD-RW. What would you suggest the customer do to fix their problem? (Choose two.)

A. Turn the CD-RW over and use the other side.
B. Turn off all background tasks.
C. Burn at a slower speed.
D. Reboot computer.
Answer: B, C
4. A customer complains that a DVD+R burner that you installed three weeks ago has stopped working. Three weeks ago you successfully tested the drive after installing it. The customer states that the drive will read CDs and DVDs, but will not burn DVDs. What is the first action you should take?
A. Check for a fault IDE Cable.
B. Be sure that the DVD+R is formatted before using it.
C. Check for incompatible media.
D. Re-install the DVD burning software.
Answer: B
6. You have installed a new CD-ROM drive on the secondary controller with an IDE external storage device and now neither device works. What should you do?

A. Install new CD-ROM drivers.
B. Check master/slave jumpers.
C. Plug in the CD-ROM drive power cable.
D. Delete the drivers for the external storage device.
Answer: B

Explanation: Each IDE channel can host two IDE devices. One of the them must be configured as master and the other one must be configured as slave. Master and slave configuration are done by jumpers in the IDE devices.
Incorrect Answers
A: CD-ROM drivers would not get the external storage device to work.
C: A unplugged power cable of the CD-ROM would not cause both devices to malfunction.
D: Deleting existing drivers would make the matters worse.
7. You install a new DVD ROM drive and a new CD-RW drive on the same IDE channel in a PC. When you boot the PC, only one of the new drives is present. What is the MOST likely cause of this problem?

A. Both drives are set to Master.
B. Both drives are set to Slave.
C. One of the drives was not detected by PnP (Plug and Play).
D. The wrong type of ribbon cable was used.
Answer: A
8. How should you clean the CD-ROM media?

A. Wipe it using circular motions.
B. Wipe it using center to edge motions.
C. Dip it in a diluted cleaner solution, and then let it dry.
D. Set clean mode from the CD properties menu.
Answer: C

Explanation: CD-ROM media could be cleaned by a diluted cleaner solution. Incorrect Answers
A, B: We should take care not to scratch it.
D: There are no commands within the OS to clean the CD-ROM media.
9. You are the technician at Certkiller . You replace a defective CR-ROM drive with a new CD-ROM drive. The new CR-ROM drive can read data CDs, but does not play music CDs. What is the MOST likely problem?

A. The audio cable is not connected to the drive.
B. The ribbon cable is not connected to the drive.
C. The power cable is not connected to the drive.
D. The CD-ROM drivers were not installed.
Answer: A
10. You want to configure a PC to boot from a CD-ROM. What would be the MOST effective way of doing this?

A. Disable the primary Master Harddrive.
B. Configure the CD-ROM to primary Master.
C. Set the CD-ROM to bootable in BIOS.
D. Change the boot order in BIOS.
Answer: D