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How Does Measure Y Benefit Us?
Community Voted To Tax themselves.
Commitment to the community
Approach to violence prevention
8.6% Unemployment
3,000 Parolees
Hire 63 police officers
Problem Solving Officers One for each beat.
School Safety Officers
Additional 6 CRT Officers
Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Intervention
Officer training & equipment Violence Prevention-Emphasis on Youth
Youth Outreach Counselors
After School Programs
Offender/Parolee Emploment Training
Fire Services-4 million
Mandated Appointment
19 Million anuually
60% to Police Services
CPB's will be prioritized
What is Problem Solving Policing?
Reduce Calls For Service
Community Satisfaction with Police Services
bringing Groups and People together who can analyze and offer solutions
Look at the Root causes of problem they may be different then expected.
Consult Community Members they have a different perspective or have a different set of problems
Settlemnt Agreement
Industry Standard
Social Changes in Policing Drives changes
Violence Reduction Plan
Safe- Supplemental & Focused Enforcement Foundation of the Violence Reduction Plan.
General enforcement
Focused Enforcement
Increase Buy Busts 2 per week
Operation Impact
Weekly assessment by PSA
PSA Commander is Project Manager
Utilize the VIP program
Supervisors & Commanders are accountable for officer productivity
Squad Meeting
Introduction My name
thanks for being here
I am going to ask that you turn off your cell phones
Exited to Be Here
Community has great expecttations
There is alot of experience here
Squad Potential
Police Department 155 Years old
One of the Most Important Times
My Resume
Its Important that you understand department policy & Goals
Squad Meeting
Expectations of my Subordinates
Keep me Informed
learn from mistakes
Correct me if I am wrong
Knowledge of Departmental policy
Know Community Policing Philosphy (Beat Integrity, POP
Officer Safety
Remember why you became a Police Officer\
100's 1000 Apply to be Police Officers..We are the fortunate few to wear the badge
Ethics & Morales
First- Law
Second-Policy & Procedure (NSA)
Third- Values & ethics (FIRST)
Fair Consistent, timely
Train & Correct. Chief Tucker & I are not punitive.
Expectations of Me
Clear Communications
If you Mistakes let me know
Hold myself you and other accountable.
Test your knowledge of of policy, NSA, audit your work.
Bi-weekly meetings
Show up at your scenes
Knowledge in policy & NSA
Provide you with training, resources, time to accomplish mission.
Work as hard as you. Always open to suggestions
Aid in your goals, Always accessible, home and work contact information.
Sgt. Squad Meeting
Fresh look at root causes, long term solutions, use all resources, make yourselves to the community, reduce crime, fear of crime, increase quality of life,

Your departmemt, community has made a large development in your career. It is everyones best interest to see you succeed.