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How is a cluster HA different from a migraine?
clusters are shorter, regular patterns, faster onset, piercing pain
Episodic vs. Chronic tension or migraine HA?
chronic is on more than 15 days/month
You must have what sxs during a HA to classify as a migraine?
either N/V or photophobiaANDphonophobia
When is the migraine prodrome? Aura?
prodrome - hours before HA…aura - minutes before
What is the most important risk factor for cluster HA?
What is the occurrence pattern in cluster HA?
once or twice a day for 6-8wks. Once or twice/year
What is the defect in FHM1?
Ca channel disorder that leads to elevated Glu in the cortex
What causes the pain in migraine?
sterile trigeminal nerve inflammation
Where is the generator/modulator in migraines?
rostral pons and midbrain tegmentum
What is allodynia in migraine due to?
central sensitization
Red flags for HA?
Systemic,Secondary; Neurologic sxs; suddOnset; Older; Previous hx