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The First extra-biblical mention of a people called "Israel" apears where?
Merneptah Stele
Where was the House of David fragement located?

Who wrote it and when?
Tel Dan - Dated around 820 BCE - attributed to Hazael King of Aram
What archeological find describes biblical refers to King Omri?

When inscribed? Why important?
Mesha Stele

dated 850 BCE - first historical descovery refering to event in bible.
What ancient - 1800 BCE sources refer to Hazor and Ishmael
Mari Texts
What Persian Monarch granted permission for rebuilding of the Temple?
Cyrus of Persia 520 BCE
Which Roman Emperor gave permission to Jews to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem?

Emperor Julian [the Apostate]

363 CE - Project failed
The Hellenistic successor state centered in Syria was?
The Selecuids
The term "To be gathered into the ancestors" refers to?
Bone Repositories
The foreign conquerors who controlled Egypt until 1570 BCE were?
The Hyksos
Which of the Israelite tribes migrated from the Shefelah to the north?
The Solomonic proto-aeolic capitol is the prototype for what other capitol?
Ionic Capitol
The Gospel of Matthew begins with?
The geneology of Jesus
The Gospel of Mark begins with?
The baptism of Jesus
The Gospel of Luke begins with?
The births of John the Baptist and Jesus
The Gospel of John begins with?
In the beginning there was the word "Logos"
In the traditional Roman city design what structure can be found at the juncture of the Cardo (n-s) and decamanus (e-w)
The tetrapylon
The works of Josephus DO NOT include what of the following?

The Jewish War
The Antiquities
Against Apion
The Onimasticon
The Onimasticon - was written by Eusabius
What is the salt content of the Dead Sea?
Approximnately 30%
The cities where the Tannaim had their headquarters DOES NOT include

Beit Shearim
From the fortress of Tzippori facing NORTH one can see?
Beit Netufa Valley
The Archeologist responsible for the excavation of the Herodion Mansion was?
Nachman Avigad
Marble is used as a building material in the Land of Israel during what period?
Late Roman Period
The Dead Sea Scroll that relates to over 60 hidden treasure sites is the?
Copper Scroll
A Jewish Synagogue of the lst Century CE is mentioned in what inscription?
Theodotus Inscription The inscription indicates that the synagogue built by Theodotus was not only intended as a place of learning Torah, but also served as a place of lodging for visitors to Jerusalem.
Hamada is a type of?
Rock Pavement found in the Negev
The JNF planted a very high percentage of pine trees because?
They grow quickly
What Gibeonite city was once was a location of the Ark of the Covenant?
Kiryat Yearim
What miracle occurred at Tabgha
Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
Where did the revival of Peter's mother-in-law occur?
Where did the Sermon on the Mount occur?
The Mount of Beatitudes
What miracle of Jesus occured a Kursi
The expulsion of the demons from the mute to the herd of pigs.
Where did the miracles of the multiplication of the catch and the calming of the water occur?
The Sea of Galilee
The following person did not die in Caesaria?

Rabbi Akiva
Herod Agrippa I
Rabbi Yishmael
St. Paul
St. Paul
"Bein Hamotayim" - the area between the walls- refers to?
The City of David on the Western Slope of the Kidron Valley
Where is the Iron Age site of Tel Goren located?
Ein Gedi
When was the Reign of King Josiah?
Late 7th Century BCE
The Jerusalem Cardo that was uncovered and seen today was built in the time of what Emperor?

When did he rule?
Emperor Justinian

Ruled from 527-565 CE
Which of the following artifacts is not in Israel today?

The Silver Scroll of Katef Hinnom
Caiphas Ossuary
Lachish Relief from Nineveh
The Bar Kochva Letters from Nahal Hever
The Lachish Relief is in the British Museum
The "House of the Bullae" in the City of David belongs to period in which what Prophet was active?
Name three historians who wrote about the Bar Kochva Revolt,
Dio Cassius
Did Josephus write about the Bar Kochva Revolt? Why not?

He died around 100 CE before this occurred
The geographical circumference of Jerusalem city walls was largest during the period of:

Herod I
Herod Agrippas II
Alexander Yannai
Herod Aggrippas II @45 CE
What is the name of the archway/overpass above the excavated Herodian street adjacent to the southwest corner of the Western Wall
Robinson's Arch
Name the Four Gospels and the one that is not among the synoptic Gospels
Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

John is not one of the Synoptic Gospels
The Lachish letters refer to events in the time of what outside attackers and what Judean King?
The Assyrian campaigns in the time of King Hezekiah @702 BCE
What is the annual rainfall of the Jerusalem Region?
500-600 mm
Where was the earliest representation of a menorah uncovered?
At the Herodian Mansions
Who was the Hashmonean leader who conquered Idumea?
John Hycanus
Where was an inscription found bearing the name "Pontius Pilate?
One of the cities below WAS NOT one of the FIVE Philistine cities of the Land of Israel

Ashdod, Ekron, Aza, Gat, Ashkelon, Beit Shemesh
Beit Shemesh
The Machteshim in the Negev drain into what nahal or sea
Nahal HaAravah
Name the THREE FORTRESSES that were centers for Jewish resistance after the fall of jerusalem in 70 CE
Herodium, Macherus and Masada
What is the name of the mountain that Sfed is built on?
Mt. Canaan
Name of two books of the Jewish Bible that deal with the settlement of the land of Israel.
Joshua and Judges
Who designed the "Holyland Model" of Second Temple Jerusalem- now located at the Israel Museum ?
Michael Avi-Yonah
Where is the traditional site of the cave of refuge of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai?

Where is his grave?
Peki'in - Cave

Meron - Grave
Where is basalt commonly found in Israel?
Golan and eastern lower Galilee
Acording to tradition, what is the tourist site where the Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount?
Church of the Beatitudes
In what year did the Maccabean Revolts break out?
167 BCE
Pompei sacked Jerusalem in what year?
63 BCE
In what years was the Third Wall around Jerusalem built?

Under what local ruler?
41-44 CE

Herod Agrippas II
Emperor Justinian was emperor of the Byzantine Empire in what Century?
6th Century CE
Ancient Arad is associated with what two periods?
Early Bronze and Iron Age II
When is Pontius Pilate serve as governor?
26-36 CE
The Persian army entered and conqureed the Land of Israel in what year?
614 CE
When was the reign of King Hezekiah?
727-698 BCE
What are the, headwaters of the Jordan River?
What are two First Temple period sites in the Upper Galileee
Tel Hatzor

Tel Dan
Name Four (4) First Temple period sites in the Shefelah.
Lachish, Gezer, Tel Mikne Beit Shemesh, Maresha, Gat, Tel Azekah, Emek HaEla
Name the important Ummayyad site in the Shefelah.
What are the borders of the Negev?
North - HaBesor or Nahal Shikma, West - Nahal El Arish, East- Nahal Aravah, south - Harei Eilat
The peaks of the Moab mountains are at approximately what height?
1100 meters
The Hellenistic successor state centered in Egypt was know as?
The Ptolomies
The southern border of the central Negev is?
Nahal Paran
A Hasmonean coin from the reign of Alexander Janneus bears the image of:

A triple Lily
A conucopia
The Temple facade
An Anchor
An Achor
The site most connected with Flinders Petrie is:
Tel el-Hesi
The only archeological remains of a crucified body where found at?
Givat HaMivtar
The raised platform upon which the Dome of the Rock rests is called:
The mastaba
In Israel today there are approximately how many DRUZE?

7-10 thousand
30-40 thousand
70-80 thousand
100 thousand
100 thousand
where did Jesus met the Centurion?
Hisham's Palace near Jericho dates from what period?

The following site DOES NOT include an amphitheatre?

Beit Guvrin
Beit Shean
The archeologist most connected with the Gamla excavation was:

Yigal Yadin
Dan Bahat
Shmarya Guttman
Meir Ben Dov
Shmarya Guttman
The carved lions/leopards above Lion's are the symbol of:?

Salah El Din
Richard the Lion Heart
Sulemain the Magnificant
Baybars (Mamluke)
The cave of the burial of Jesus was purchased by:
Joseph of arithmea
The prophet Jeremiah is credited with writing this volume found in Katubim
Eicha - the Book of Lamentations
Negev site that some argue is Mt. Sinai
Mt. Karkum
Where is the Cave of the Treasures located
What is the northern most settlement in Israel?
Neve Atib
The Lachish Letters refer to the signal fires at this Iron Age Settlement?
Tel Azekah
The Flour Cave is located on this plain between Neve Zohar and the Dead Sea works.
Amiaz Plain
Name the 2 leaders responsible for the building of the Second Temple.
Sheshbazzar and Zerubabel
What percent of the Hermon is within Israel's borders?
Name a common tree found in the wadis of the south.
Which of the following findings discovered a Megiddo, is NOT related to Jeroboam II?

A. The of Shema, Slave of Jeroboam
B. The Round Grainary
C. The water works
D. The Stables
C. The water works

A. Drove the Samaritans out of Jerusalem
B. Restored the walls surrounding Jerusalem
C. Succeeded in expelling the Persian rulers who threatend Jerusalem
D. Led the builders of the Second Temple
B. Restored the walls surrounding Jerusalem
Masada was first built

A. In the days of the Hasmoneans
B. At the time of Herod
C. During the period of the First Temple
D. At the begining of the Return to Zionj
A. Massada was first built in the days of the Hasmoneans
The Mishna
A. Is a part of the Oral Law
B. Is a part of the written law
C. Is part of the Apocrapha
D. Belongs to the realm of legend
A. Mishna is part of the Oral Law
Place the events below from the New Testament in chronological Order
Nativity, Baptism, Resurrection and Ascesion, Annunciation, Preaching and Miracles, Crucifiction, Trial, Flight to Egypt
Annunciation, Nativity, Flight to Egypt, Baptism, Preaching and Miracles, Trail, Crucification, Resurrection and Ascension
Which of the following rivers DOES NOT flow into the Aravah?

A. Zin
B. Paran
C. Besor
D. Nikrot
C. Besor
From the geographical perspective, the Golan is part of

A. The Gilead
B. The Galil
C. The Bashan
D. All the above
C. The Bashan
The borders of the UPPER GALILEE consist of
A. Jezreel Valley, Litani, western Galilee coast, Hula Valley
B. Beit Kerem Valley, Litani, western Galilee coast, Hula valley
C. Beit Kerem Valley, Sulam Zur Mountain Range, western Galilee coast and Hula valley
B. The borders of the UPPER GALILEE - Beit Kerem Valley (near Karmiel), the Litanni River, western Galilee coast and Hula Valley.
Which is NOT one of Jerusalem
s more prominent names?

A. Jebus
B. Salem
C. Zion
D. Moriah
B. Salem
The archeologist credited with leading the first PEF expedition to the Holyland was

A. Charles Warren
B. Charles Wilson
C. Flinders Petrie
D. Edward Robinson
B. Charles Wilson
The first excavation license issued in modern Israel was issued to Benjamin and Ami Mazar at:

A. Tel Azekah
B. Tel Mikne
C. Tel Qasila
D. Tel Hazor
C. Tel Qasila
Who was the archeologists recredited with the discovery of the Broad Wall in Jerusalem?
Nachman Avigad
Hezekiah's Tunnel was first explored by whom?
Edward Robinson
Who was the archeologist credited with locating, identifying and purchasing the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Yigal Yadin
Who first discovered the inscription mentioning the HOUSE OF DAVID at Tel Dan?
Gila Cook
who are the two well known archeologists who had a bitter dispute surrounding the issue of storehouses vs. stables at Tel Megiddo and Tel Beer Sheva?
Aharoni and Yadin
What stele dated around 850 BCE describes the expetise of Israeli builders of water systems?
The Mesha inscription
A Roman period bathhouse was NOT uncovered at:

A. Megiddo
B. Beit Shean
C. caesaria
D. Tziporri
A. No Bathhouse found at Megiddo
Where was the greatest collection of Bar Kochva artifcats found?
Nahal Hever
The Zenon Papryii Discusses:

A. Life of Jews in Babylon in 5th Century BCE
B. Economic life in 3rd Century BCE Egyp and Palestine
B. Conomic life in 3rd Century Egypt and Palestine.
The room which is excavated at Capernaum and is known as the house of Peter's mother-in-law is called a:

A. Kataluma
B. Coenobium
C. Domus Ecclasia
D. Coenaculum
C. Domus Ecclasia - this is a round house used as a church
The following is NOT the characteristic of a POLIS

A. Small population of slaves
B. Has right to mint coins
C. Could organize games
D. Could levy taxes
A. It IS NOT a population of slaves.
This was a prominent Jewish family associated with the Ptolomaic Period:
A. Hasmoneans
B. Zodoks
C. Kathros
D. Tobiads
D. The Tobiads
who was the Persian King that Alexender the Great defeated?
A. Artaxexes
B. Nebonides
C. Darius
D. Marmaduke
C. Darius
Which Hasmonean King was responsible for the crucifiction of 800 Pharisees?

A. John Hyrcanus
B. Aristobulus
C. Alexander Janneus
D. Hyrcanus II
C. Alexander Janneus
Where was Judah Maccabee killed?

A. Beit Horon
B. Beit Zur
C. Elasa
D. Emmaus
C. Elasa
Under which Hasmonean leader was the first fortress of Masada established?

A. John Hyrcanus
B. Salome Alexandra
C. Jonathan
D. Simon
C. Jonathan
Who was the last Hasmonean to serve as HIGH PRIEST?

A. Hyrcanus II
B. Mattithias Antigonua
C. Aristobulus III
D. None of the above
C. Aristobulus III was last Hasmonean High Priest who was executed by Herod in 35 BCE
The highest point in Israeli territory reaches
A. 2800 meters
B. 2200 meters
C. 1200 meters
D. 1800 meters
B. 2200 meters - on Mt. Hermon
The ancient Philistine city of Ashdod was excavated in the '60s by:

A. Pesach Bar Adon
B. Yigal Yadin
C. John W. Crowfoote
D. Moshe Dotan
D. Moshe Dotan
One of the highest spots in the Judean Hills is:

A. Bethlehem
C. Beth Horon
C. Beit El
D. Elon Moreh
C. Beit El