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What was the name of the communities in which monk's lived?
What were women who served the church called?
What were 3 things that the church offered the people in a village?
Religious services -- orphanages -- care for the sick and poor -- feast festivals
Economically, what was the difference between the parish priest and the Bishop
Parish Priest came from a poor family/Bishop from a rich family
What the name of the political(government)system of the Middle Ages
What social group on the "bottom" of the feudal pyramid
The peasant
What did the peasant get for farming the Lord's land
What is guild
A business association of trades people
What was a fief?
Land granted under the feudal system
What was the 1st step in becoming a knight
What was the 2nd step in becoming a knight
6 or 7
At what age could a boy start to become a knight
What was a page's job
Help a knight dress and put on his amour
What was a Squires job?
Bring knight replacement weapons and/or horses during a battle
A few days
From the time a person got the plague how long before they died
Refused to see and tend their children, as if they had not been theirs.
When someone in the family got the plague, what did most families to?
Which were more likely to get the plague -- rich or poor
The plague made no distinction when it came to choosing its victims.
The plague spread by physical contact. Sometimes the plague was spread by respiration (coughing, sneezing, breathing).
How was this plague spread
From where did the plague come originally to Genoese, Italy
The Black Sea
Why did the plague spread so easily
People did not know the cause
What kept communities small?
Did not have the power protect large area
Why was the Church more important than the lord to the people
Church could get them to heaven
Why did the Pope Crown Charlegmagne
Hoped to increase Church's power
What did the Magna Carta do?
limit the power of the king and gave nobels a say
In the Roman Republic the law making body was called
Ancient Athens
Which society practiced direct democracy?
Roman women could make wills leaving property to anyone they wanted "
Roman women enjoyed some legal rights
What was one cause of the development of many small independent city-states in ancient Greece?
The mountainous terrain of Greece resulted in widely scattered settlements
Which best describes the religious similarities between early civilizations (Mesopotamia and Egypt) and Ancient Greece?
Early civilizations and the Ancient Greeks were polytheistic
What is one way economically in which early civilizations and Ancient Greeks are similar?
Both relied on agriculture as the basis of their economy
After the Roman Empire in the West fell, what was left of the Roman Empire?