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Where did Islam start?
its a country (saudi)
Who was one of the most famous prophets of Arabia and what did he do?
Muhammad, traveled to Syria as Khadijah's busined agent, angel of gabriel told him he was the messenger of god in a cave of mecca. worshiped god named allah...same as christians and jews.
started islam
What took place in Arabia before Mohammad, what kind of people lived there?
Nomads called Bedouins who slept in tents made from camel hide and drank camel milk.
these people were nomadic
What was the Hegira?
When Mohammad and a few followers left Mecca for Medina because he was not accepted in Mecca.
It was a turning point for a famous figure
What does Islam mean? What does muslim mean?
"surrender to god"-islam, "one who surrenders to god"-muslim
Who ordered the holy book of the muslims to be made? What was this book called?
Abu Bakr ordered Mohammed's words to be made into a book called Koran
much like the Christian's bible