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King of the Franks and Emperor of Rome
William the Conqueror
Norman King who defeated Harold, the Anglo Saxon King to become first Norman king of England
King John I
King of England that signed the Magna Carta giving more rights to British nobles
Italian monk founder of the Benedictine order
Francis of Assisi
Italian monk ...devoted his life to serving the poor and the sick..founded the Franciscan order
Pope Urban II
Called for the first crusade to reclaim Jerusalem from the Muslims
Lorenzo Medici
Ruler of Florence during the Renaissance and patron of artists such as Michelangelo
Italian Renaissance poet and humanist
Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect, and poet
Leonardo da Vinci
Italian Renaissance artist, inventor, and scientist
Nicolaus Copernicus
Polish astronomer..discovered that the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun
Dutch writer and humanist...favored reform of the Catholic Church and opposed the Protestant Reformatin
Martin Luther
German monk and leader of the Protestant reformation
Johannes Gutenberg
invented the printing press that first used movable type...German printer
King Henry the VIII
King of England and founder of the Church of England....broke with the Catholic Church because the Pope would not give him a divorce
Queen Elizabeth I
English Renaissance flourished under her reign
William Shakespeare
English dramatist and poet...consdered one of the greatest writers of the English language