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I am a former monk.
I prohibited marriages for priests.
I prohibited simony.
Pope Gregory VII
I am a monk.
I organized the monastary at Monte Cassino.
I took three vows.
I am from Bingen.
I composed religious music and wrote books.
Popes and rulers sought my advice.
Abbess Hildegard of Bingen
I revived the Benedictine rule.
I declared that no nobles were allowed to interfere with the monastary.
I have a set of reforms named after me.
Abbot Berno of Cluny
I am Spanish.
I set a goal to teach official Roman Catholic beliefs.
My friends and I set up the order of friars.
I united the Frankish people and converted them to Christianity
I defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours.
Charles Martel
A Frankish (Christian) victory against the advancing Muslims that stopped their advance into Europe
Battle of Tours
I created the largest Frankish empire. I loved learning and fighting. My kingdom was divided when I died.
I asked for and got Charlemagne's help when the locals were upset with me. I crowned him emperor.
Pope Leo III
This is the location of Charlemagne's great school
I was in charge of Charlemagne's great school.
Alquin of York
We are the Hungarian people who invaded the Franks from the east.
I am a Viking who set up a short-lived colony in North America.
Leif Ericson
I am a British poet who penned the Canterbury Tales.
Geoffrey Chaucer