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Four Germanic Kingdoms
1. Visigoths
• Came to Roman territory 376 AD
o Fleeing Huns
o 1st to have peace with Rome

• Rome betray them

• Starvation & Rebellion
o Adrianople
o Rome gave land, taxes
o They gave military support

• Rome betrayed them again

• They left to Iberia
o Modern Spain & Portugal

• 418 King Wellia – Kingdom lasted 300 years

• Muslims destroyed them in 711
Four Germanic Kingdoms
2. The First Burgundian Kingdom
• From Scandinavia

• 411 AD, Gundahar led them to Rome

• They seized Cities
o Rome to weak
o Forced to make an alliance

• They did not honor alliance
o Raiding Rome

• Rome still too weak
o Hired Hun mercenaries

• 437, Huns almost wiped out them
o 1st Kingdom gone
o Lasted 25 years
Four Germanic Kingdoms
3. The Second Burundian Kingdom
• 443 came to Rome again
o Became Military
o We do not know why
 Need Allies?

• New King Gundioc
o Gundahar’s Son
o Loyal to Rome

• Rome – Feeble Control of Gaul
o Attlia noticed
 Launched a Campaign

• Army was not just Huns
o Ostrogoths, others

• Flavius Aetius Heard
o Asked for help
o Came –
 Visigoth Theodoric I
 Burgundian

• The Battle of Chalons of June 20, 451
o Gundioc – Died

• Civil War between 3 Sons
o Gundibad – Eldest
 Murdered brothers families

• Gundibad King of Bruguny
o All Western Gole
o Alliance with Clovis Frank King

• Gundibad – Died 516

• Clovis invaded

• 534 official End
Four Germanic Kingdoms
4. Odoacer
• He’s Goth

• Led Army to Revena
o New Capital – Western Rome

• Captured Emperor City
o Romulus Augustus

• Renounced Title
o Avoid Trouble Constantinople

• Sent Imperial Insignia to Emperor Zeno

• Gave Title of “King of Italy” to Odoacer