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Define: Absorption Spectrum
Black-line spectrum which classifies the atmosphere of stars.
Define: Air Pollution
contaminates in the atmosphere
What happens to air pressure as we rise in the atmosphere?
It decreases.
What happens to temperature as we rise in the atmosphere?
It decreases.
What instrument do we use to measure air pressure?
What is the carbon cycle?
The excahnge of carbon and carbon dioxide in plants and animals
What are the characteristics of the Jovian planets?
They are large, have gaseous surfaces, and have small solid inner cores.
What are the climate conditions on the windward side of the mountain?
Wet and cooler
What are the climnate conditions on the leeward side of the mountain?
dry and warmer
What are the lines on a topographical map called?
contour lines
What was the main contribution of Copernicus?
geocentric model
What is density?
Density is the direct relationship between an objects mass and volume.
What is the formula to find density?
What are depression contours?
These are contour lines indicating a drop in elevation.
What is the Doppler Effect?
A shift in the sound due to an individual's distance from it.
What is Earth's closest point to the sun?
In the Northern Hemisphere it is in January.
What is Earth's source of energy?
the sun
What are emission spectrum?
colored lines found in an element's spectrum which identify the element
What Earth movement is confirmewd by the Foucault Pendulum?
rotation ( spin on its axis)
What are the main gases in our atmosphere?
Nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%)
What is the home of the comets?
Oort Cloud
How does water vapor affect the density of the air?
Water vapor decreases the density of the air.
What is the International Date Line?
It is an imagionary line located at 180 degrees longitude that divides the Earth into 24 time belts.
What is latitude?
imaginery lines around the planet Earth that begin at the equator(zero degrees) and end at the poles (90 degrees N and S).
What is a light year?
It is a unit used in astronomy to measure distance. It is how far light travels in one year at 186,000 mps
What is longitude?
These are imaginary lines that run north and south on the globe which begin at Greenwich, England (zero degrees). They locate places East and West of the line.
What are the layers of the atmosphere?
troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere
What is a Low Pressure System?
an air mass that is moist, has air moving toward the center in a counterclockwise position due to the Coriolis Effect
What is a High pressure Sysatem?
an air mass that is dry, has air moving away from the center in a clockwise position due to the Coriolis Effect
Define Lunar Eclipse.
moon is in the shadow of the Earth...this can happen only when the moon is in its Full phase
What is the meaning od E=mc squared?
This is Einstein's formula for the release of energy in an object. The amount of energy is equal to the object's mass times the square of the speed of light (186,000 mps)
List the moon's phases.
New, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full,
Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent and back to New again.
Give the name of the planetary orbits.
ellipse (a little flatter than a circle)
Define Open system.
An exchange of energy and matter
Define parallax.
the apparent movement of objects in space due to the observer's change in position
Give the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
From strongest(shortest) to weakest(longest) = gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwave, radio waves
What is the position of the Earth in regard to the sun for each season?
looking at a picture of the sun and the Earth = Winter: the Earth is on the right side of the sun and closest; Spring: the Earth is behind the sun; Summer: the Earth is on the left side of the sun and farthest from it; Fall: the Earth is in front of the sun.
What is a direct relationship?
both variables increase and decrease the same amount
What is an inverse relationship?
one variable increases and the other decreases
How does a direct relationship show on a graph?
with a straight line that begins at the origin and increases in value
How does an inverse relationship show on a graph?
with a straight or curved line that begins high on the y axis and decreases through the graph
What is a station model?
a group of symbols that gives information about the weather
Define retrograde motion.
The apparent backward movement of the planets in a geocentric model
Define solar wind
the waves of charged particles that come from the sun
Define spectral lines.
line of color that appear in an element's emission spectrum to identify the element
Define spectroscope.
an instrument that breaks white light into a continuous spectrum of color
Give the stages in the life cycle of a small to medium star.
Begins in a nebula, spends most of its life on the main sequence of the H & R Diagram, when it runs out of hydrogen, it swells to a red giant, and then fades into a white dwarf, and ewnds as a black dwarf.
Give the stages in the life of a large star.
Begins in a nebula, when it begins to run out of hydrogen it swells to a red giant, the core collapses producing a supernova; then depending on size it may become a black hole (lage amount of amtter) or a neutron star (smaller amount of matter)
What are the phases of water?
Solid (ice), liguid (water), gas (water vapor or steam)
What is a theory?
a tested hypothesis
Define time zones.
The 24 hour zones on the Earth beginning with the International Date Line
Define warm front.
warm air replaces cold air; identified with red symbol
Define cold front
cold air replaces warm air; identified with a blue symbol
What is the dew point?
point of saturation of the air; it begins to condense
How does a station model reveal that it will probably rain?
the dew point and the air temperature are the same
No, the rings suggest that it is a Jovian planet.
Can this be a Terrestrial planet?
It is the world's most famous Earth Science teacher.
Do you recognize this person?