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The foodborne disease that involves neurotoxin is...
Production of a neurotoxin that binds to target sites on spinal cord neurons responsible for inhibiting skeletal muscle contraction is a characteristic of...
Clostridium tetanus
production of a neurotoxin that prevents acetylcholine release from motor neurons at neuromuscular junctions is a characteristic of...
Cl. botulinum
regarding tetanus and foodborne botulism, treatment involves antitoxin therapy. TRUE/FALSE
Neisseria gonorrhea is...
the cause of opthalmia neonatorum
cause of gonorrhea
called the gonococcus
virulent due to pili, and a protease that inactivates IgA
List 4 factors of neisseria meningitidis.
1. virulent factors include a capsule, pili, endotoxin, and IgA protease
2. causes serious meningitis
3. reservoir is the nasopharynx of human carriers
4. more easily transmitted in day care facilities, dorms and military barracks
List 4 characteristics of Influenza vaccines.
1. inactivated IM vaccine
2. usually incorporates three different strains
3. attenuated, nasal drops vaccine
4. Guillain-barre' syndrome is a post vaccination neurological complication
Influenza infection predisposes compromised patients for acquiring...
bacterial pneumonia
List 4 characteristics of rabies.
1. zoonotic disease
2. wild populations of bats, skunks, raccons, cats, and canines are primary reservoirs
3. transmission can involve bites, scratches and inhalation
4. symptoms include anxiety, agitation muscle spasms convulsions and paralysis
List 4 approaches to treatment for possible rabies infection.
1. debridement
2. wash bite with soap or detergent
3. wound is infused with human rabies immune globulin(HRIG)
4. post exposure vaccine with inactive vaccine
Encephalitis caused by arbovirus involve...
fever, headache rash
coma, convulsions paralysis in severe cases
myalgia and orbital pain
muscle aches and joint stiffness
List 4 characteristics of poliomyelitis.
1. transmitted primarily by fecal contaminated water
2. can be asymptomatic or mild with headache, sore throat, fever and nausea
3. If it enters the CNS, neurons can be infected and destroyed
4. caused by poliovirus(genus Enterovirus)
African sleeping sickness is caused by...
Trypanosoma brucei
The vector involved in African sleeping sickness is the...
tsetse fly
List 4 sequelae of Haemophilus influenzae.
1. bacterial meningitis
2. otitis media
3. bronchitis
4. epiglottitis
The virulence of haemophilus influenzae serotype b is associated with its...
CSF is found in the...
subarachnoid space
List three anatomical structures that lie below the dura mater.
Dura mater
arachnoid mater
arachnoid space
pia mater
List 4 symptoms of meningitis.
stiff neck
blurred vision
Meningococci initially colonize the...
prophylactic rifampin is indicated for individuals in close contact with patients infected by...
Haemophilus influenzae
Cryptococcus neoformans is a common cause of meningitis in AIDS patients and can be found in bird droppings. TRUE/FALSE
Agricultural workers and field archeologists are exposed to this organism which although entering via the respiratory tract can cause meningitis.
Coccidioides immitis
neonatal meningitis is most commonly transmitted by...
exposure in birth canal
The organism responsible for the majority of neonatal meningitis is...
Strep agalactiae
Encephalitis is most commonly caused by a...
What is the liklihood of a patient infected by West Nile virus developing West nile encephalitis?
less than 1%.
The best defense against arboviruses is...
vector control
Eastern Equine Encephalitis has avery high mortalty rate, that approaches 70%. TRUE/FALSE
patients with Creutafeldt-Jacob disease live...
less than 1 year post diagnosis
the concept of "immunologically privileged" explains why the CNS...
has a reduced immune response compared to the rest of the body.
Microglial cells have phagocytic capabilities. TRUE/FALSE
neisseria meningitidis is transmitted by...
close contact
Therapy for Neisseria meningitidis consists of...
Pen. G I/V
negri bodies are indicative of...
Lyssavirus infection
List three characteristics of toxoplasma gondii.
1. is a flagellated parasite
2. is often fatal for AIDS patients
3. can cause stillbirths
List 4 characteristics of listeria monocytogenes.
resistant to cold
resistant to heat
resistant to salt
can result in septacemia
The organism found in powdered baby formula which can cause meningitis is...
escherichia coli K1
Toxoplasmosis prevention includes...
hygienic precautions
Polio virus initially multiplies in the...
Tetanus differs from botulism in that...
muscles cannot relax in tetanus, muscles cannot contract in botulism
Guillain-barre' syndrome involves varying degrees of demyelination of the peripheral nervous system leading to muscle weakness of extremities and possible paralysis. TRUE/FALSE
Botox injections contain botulin toxin. TRUE/FALSE