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List 4 nonspecific chemical defenses;
2.lactic acid and electrolytes of sweat
3.skins acidic ph and fatty acids
4.stomach HCL acid
Lysozyme found in tears and saliva hydrolyzes the peptidoglycan in certain bacterial cell walls. TRUE/FALSE
This body region is protected by fatty acids, acidic pH, lactic acid and a tough cell barrier with its own normal flora;
The blood cells that function in allergic reactions and inflammation, contain peroxidases and lysozyme, and particularly target parasitic worms and fungi are...
The least numerous of all WBC, that release histamine during inflammation and allergic reactions are...
Plasma cells produce and secrete antibodies. TRUE/FALSE
List 4 characteristics of the reticuloendothelial system.
1. support a network of connective tissue fibers
2. originates in the cellular basal lamina
3. provides a passageway within and between tissues and organs4.
4. is heavily populated with macrophages
The lymphnodes have the function of filtering pathogens from the blood. TRUE/FALSE
These cells comprise 20-30% of circulating WBCs and are the cells that function in the body's immune system.
The most numerous WBCs, that have multilobed nuclei and are very phagocytic are...
Comprise 3-7% of circulating WBCs, are phagocytic, and can migrate out into body tissues to differentiate into macrophages.
The lymphoid tissues of the b.intestinal tract are collectively referred to as...
Match the following;
a. interferon, alpha and beta
b. interleukin 2-
c. serotonin-
d. TNF-
a. inhibits viral replication
b. stimulate T cell mitosis and b cell antibody production
c. causes smooth muscle contraction
d. increases chemotaxix and phagocytosis
Histamine, serotonin and bradykinin are all...
vasoactive mediators
When opsonization accompanies phagocytosis, this process involves...
antibodies or complement coating the microbial cell surface
Complement can be composed of 20 blood proteins. TRUE/FALSE
The membrane attack stage of the complement cascade involves...
a ring shaped protein that digests holes in bacterial cell membranes and virus envelopes
Specificity and memory are associated with which body defense mechanism?
B/T cells
The main function of the RES, is to provide...
a connection between tissues and organs
The granules of neutrophiles contain...
digestive enzymes
The granules of eosinophils contain...
Basophils contain histamine. TRUE/FALSE
Fever can stimulate hematopoiesis. TRUE/FALSE
Macrophages, neutrophils and eosinophils are the proper order of phagocytic activity. TRUE/FALSE
The________ region of a lymphnode has germinal centers packed with T and B lymphocytes.
During inflammation, a high neutrophil count is a common sign of bacterial infection. TRUE/FALSE