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The major categories of hypersensitivities that typically involve a B cell immunoglobulin response is...
Type 1/2/3/
Atopy and anaphylaxis are hypersensitivities in the category;
Type 1 only
List 4 factors involved in type 2 hypersensitivity;
1. IgM
2. IgG
3. complement
4. foreign cells
Human blood types involve...
1. ABO antigen markers
2. inheritance of two of three possible alleles
3. genetically determined
4. genes that code for an enzyme that adds a terminal CHO to RBC receptors.
The serum of a person with blood type A, Rh- will have which antibody factor?
Anti B, anti Rh
A person with O type blood...
lacks A and B antigens
A person who has anti A and anti B serum antibodies will have blood type...
O blood type
list 4 results of transfusing the wrong blood type.
1. recipient antibody activating the complement cascade to attack the RBCs.
A female who is Rh+...
is in the majority of the population with regard to Rh status.
The potential for hemolytic disease of the newborn occurs when...
fetal Rh+ cells enter an Rh- mother
Once a mother has been sensitized to the Rh factor...
all other Rh+ fetuses are at risk
Bee sting venom is considered to be which type of allergen?
Fungal spores and animal dander are considered to be which type of allergen?
The initial encounter with an allergen is called the...
sensitizing dose
What will be the immediate action of an allergen when it enters the body for a 2nd time?
bonding of allergen to adjacent IgE binding sites on mast cells and basophils.
Which event is the process of releasing chemical mediators?
Which event occurs with the sensitizing dose of allergen?
binding of IgE by the Fc region to mast cells and basophils.
List 4 symptoms of type 1 hypersensitivity?
contact dermatitis
match the following: allergy
b.poison ivy dermatitis
c.serum sickness
d.transfusion reaction
a=type 1 hypersensitivity
b=type 4
c=type 3
d=type 2
Any heightened or inappropriate immune response resulting in tissue damage is called...
List 4 characteristic symptoms of histamine.
1. constriction of smooth of bronchi
2. relaxes vascular smooth muscle
3. wheal and flare reaction in skin
4. pruritus and headache
The chemical mediator that causes prolonged bronchospasm, vascular permeability, and mucus secretion of asthmatic patients is...
List 4 reactions associated with IgE and mast cell mediated allergy.
1. drug allergy
2. eczema
3. anaphylaxis
4. allergic asthma
reverses constriction of airways.
Autoimmunity is typically due to...
IgM and IgG
Allergic patients receiving small, controlled injections of specific allergens are undergoing...
Large quantities of antibodies that react to the second entry of antigen and lead to formation of antigen-antibody complexes occur in...
serum sickness
delayed hypersensitivity
hemolytic disease of the newborn
Autoantibodies cause tissue injury in which diseases?
rheumatoid arthritis
myasthenia gravis
Grave's disease
multiple sclerosis
Contact dermatitis involves;
1. a sensitizing and provocative dose
2. allergen entering the skin
3. T lymphocytes secrete inflammatory cytokines
4. itchy papules and blisters
When grafted tissue such as bone marrow contains passenger lymphocytes what could result?
graft versus host
Hypogammaglobinemia can be a consequence of a genetic deficiency in B cell survival and maturity. TRUE/FALSE
The DiGeorge syndrome is the result of...
congenital absence or immaturity of the thymus gland.
Severe combined immunodeficiencies(SCIDs) are due to:
a genetic defect in the development of both T cells and B cells.
A secondary acquired immunodeficiency is:
The gene that maintains a normal cell division cycle is...
tumor suppressor gene
List 4 oncogenic viruses.
certain Retroviruses
certain papilloma viruses
Epstein Barr virus
Hepatitis B virus
Allergic reactions to penicillins are considered a__________ hypersensitivity.
Tissue transplanted from one body site on a patient to a different body site on that patient is called an_______
_________ involves determination of donor HLA antigens compared to those of the recipients tissue.
both a skin graft and an organ transplantation
Myasthenia gravis disease arises from the production of auyoantibodies against...
acetylcholine receptors on skeletal muscle
In multiple sclerosis, autoantibodies attack...
myelin sheath cells of the nervous system
Allergies run in families because...
relative production of IgE is inherited
During graft rejection, cyto toxic T cells of the recipient recognize and respond to foriegn class 1 MHC receptors receptors on the grafted cells. TRUE/FALSE
The allergen in poison ivy plants is called urushiol. TRUE/FALSE
The most common immunoglobulin deficiency is an IgG deficiency. TRUE/FALSE
A xenograft is graft tissue from a donor of one species transplanted to a recipient of another species. TRUE/FALSE
Eczema is an autoimmune disorder. TRUE/FALSE
A person who is Rh neg will have anti Rh antibodies in their serum from early infancy. TRUE/FALSE