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Protists include...
algae and protozoa
The eucaryotic cell organelle that most resembles a bacterial cell is the...
Eucaryotic flagella differ from procaryotic flagella because only eucaryotic flagella....
contain microtubules
Cilia are found in certain protozoz. TRUE/FALSE
Chitin is a chemical component of the cell walls of...
Cell walls are not found on typical cells of...
The site for ribosomal RNA synthesis is the...
When eucaryotic cell is not undergoing mitosis, the DNA and its associated proteins appear as a visible thread like mass called the...
Histones are...
proteins associated with DNA in the nucleus
The eucaryotic cell's glycocalyx is...
mostly polysaccharide
List 4 organells found in eucaryotic cells but not in procaryotic cells.
1. nucleus
2. mitochondria
3. endoplasmic reticulum
4. lysosomes
The endosymbiotic theory says that the precursor eucaryotic cells acquired flagella by endosymbiosis with a ________ ancestor, and others gained photosynthetic ability from endosymbiosis with a _______ ancestor.
spirochete, cyanobacteria
The cdells series of tunnel like membranes functioning in transport and storage are the...
endoplasmic reticulum
An organelle that is a stack of flattened, membranous sacs and functions to receive, modify and package proteins for cell secretion is the...
golgi apparatus
Which organelle contains cristae where enzymes and electron carriers for aerobic respiration are found?
Organelles found in algae but not found in protozoa or fungi are the...
Protists with contractile vacuoles use them to expel excess water from the cell. TRUE/FALSE
List 4 functions of the cytoskeleton.
1. anchors organelles
2. provides support
3. functions in movements of the cytoplasm
4. helps maintain cell shape
The size of a eucaryotic cell ribosome is...
Filamentous fungi are called...
When buds remain attached, they form a chain of yeast cells called...
Fungi that grow as yeast at one temperature but will grow as mold at another temperature are called...
Fungal spores are used to identify fungi. TRUE/FALSE
Name a spore that is produced within a sac?
sporangiospores. These spores are also sexually produced.
A mold is observed to have asexual conidia, sexual spores within a sac, and septate hyphae. It is most likely classified in the...
What do zygospores, ascospores and basidiospores have in common?
sexual spores
List 4 characteristics of fungi?
1. cells have a cell wall
2. include single celled and filamentous forms
3. heterotrophic nutrition
4. can use a wide variety of nutrients
List 4 characteristics of Dinoflagellates?
1. paralytic shellfish poisoning
2. red tides
3. ciguatera
4. Pfiesteria piscicida
List 4 caharacteristics that are found in some or all protozoa?
1. motility
2. ecto/endoplasm
3. heterotrophic nutrition
4. formation of cyst stage
The motile feeding stage of protozoa is called the...
The group of protozoa that have flagella are the...
List 4 types of helminths.
1. pinworms
2. flukes
3. roundworms
4. tapeworms
List 4 characteristics of helminths?
1.parasitic worms
2.eggs and sperm for reproduction
3. often alternate hosts in complex life cycles
4. have various organ systems.
In eukaryotic cells, list 3 structures that contain DNA?
1. nucleus
2. chloroplast
3. mitochondria
List 4 components of mitochondria.
1. enzymes for metabolism
2. cristae
3. electron transport chain
4. 70S ribosomes
List 4 functions of the cytoskeleton.
1. structural framework of cell
2. anchor points for organelles
3. microfilaments
4. microtubules
A media selective for fungal organisms would have...
a low pH
Protozoan endoplasm has...
Protozoan cysts...
are analogous to bacterial endospores
Cryptosporidium is most commonly contracted through the...
fecal-oral route
Adulthood and mating of Helminths occur in what host?
definitive host
Biologists have found evidence that eucaryotic cells evolved from procaryotic organisms by a process of intracellular symbiosis. TRUE/FALSE
There are 9 peripheral pairs and one central pair of microtubules found inside eucaryotic flagella and cilia. TRUE/FALSE
A lysosome originates from the golgi apparatus as one type of vesicle that contains a variety of enzymes for intracellular digestion. TRUE/FALSE
Chloroplasts are composed of membranous sacs called_______ that carry chlorophyll. Surrounding these sacs is a ground substance called________.
The long , thread like branching cells of molds are called hyphae. TRUE/FALSE
Chromosomes are not visible in the nucleus unless the cell is undergoing nuclear division. TRUE/FALSE
Eucaryotic mitochondria have their own 70S ribosomes and circular DNA. TRUE/FALSE
All fungi have hyphae. TRUE/FALSE
ALL algae have chloroplasts. TRUE/FALSE