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What is a unique characteristic of viruses that distinguishes them from other major groups of microorganisms?
Lack a cell structure.
pasteur used swan neck flasks in his experiments to prove that;
Dust in air was a source of living microorganisms.
In classification, kingdom is a classification. List 4 other taxa that are contained within this taxon?
species, phylum, genus and family.
Taxonomy includes terms like, nomenclature,classification, taxa,identification. TRUE/FALSE
A scientist studying the sequence of nucleotides in the rRNA of a bacterial species is working on...
Determining evolutionary relatedness.
List 4 characteristics of photosynthesis?
1.CO2 is converted to organic material.
2. contributes to the O2 content in the atmospher
3. fueled by light
4. important to each ecosystems flow of energy and food.
select three correct descending taxanomic hierarchy, left to right.
The kingdom Monera does not contain any eucaryotes. TRUE/FALSE
Taxanomy is involved in the identification, classification and naming of organisms. TRUE/FALSE
Neisseria is the only pathogenic gram negative cocci. TRUE/FALSE
List 2 species of Neisseria that cause disease in humans?
N. meningitidis/N. gonorroeae.
Regarding N. meningitiditis what can be said of its capsule?
It is a polysaccharide capsule and is antiphagocytic as long as there are no specific antibodies to coat(opsonize) the bacterium.
What are the serogroups of N. meningitiditis?
Serotypes are based on different capsular polysaccharides which are antigenic. there are 9 serotypes of meningococcus(designated A, B, C, D, X, Y, Z, W135 and 29E. Meningitis is caused by groups A, B and C.
The meningococci can release endotoxin, which causes blood vessel destruction(hemorrhage) and sepsis and is seen as petecchiae. the adrenal glands may be damaged as well. TRUE/FALSE
What is IgA1 protease?
This is only found in pathogenic species of neisseria. The enzyme cleaves IgA (antibody) in half.
N. meningitiditis can extract iron from human transferrin via a non energy requiring mechanism. TRUE/FALSE
Can N. meningitiditis become of the normal flora?
Yes, especially of the nasopharynx(5% of the population). These individuals are carriers and develop antimeningococcal antibodies.
What is Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome?
This is septic shock. Bilateral hemorrhage into the adrenal glands occurs which causes adrenal insufficiency. DIC may occur as well, as long as hypotension and tachycardia.