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What are Poxviridae?
They are the most complex of all known viruses. It has a large complex DNA genome coding for hundreds of proteins. It is surrounded by two envelopes, and carries many of its own enzymes.
Do Poxviridae cause chickenpox?
NO. It is caused by herpesvirus.
Was a successful smallpox vaccine developed?
Yes. It contained a vaccinia virus, an avirulent form of poxviridae.
Smallpox only infected humans. There are no animal reservoirs.
All poxviridae infections produced clinically overt smallpox.
What is Molluscum Contagiosum?
A pox virus causes these small 1-2 mm in diameter white bumps that have a central dimple. They are seen on AIDS patients as well.
What are the 3 members of the Papovaviridae?
1. Papilloma virus-causes human warts and cervical cancer.
2. Polyomavirus virus- has 2 members; human BK and JC virus.
3. Simian vacuolating virus- does not infect humans.
There are many strains of papilloma viruses. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. They have a tropism for squamous epithelial cells. Papilloma virus causes warts, common, genital and laryngeal.
cervical dysplasia and carcinoma are associated with sexual activity and previous exposure to certain starins(type 16/18) of human papilloma virus. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. The Pap test is routinely used in early detection of cervical dysplastic changes.
The Polyoma viruses infect humans. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. They were named after the initials of the patient from which the virus was discovered.
The BK virus causes mild or asymptomatic infection in children. TRUE/FALSE
What is the JC Polyomavirus?
IT is similar to BK but causes as well an opportunistic infection in immunocompromised patients called" progressivemultifocal leukoencephlopathy(PML).
patients develop CNS white matter damage.
What are the Adenoviridae?
They cause upper respiratory tract infections in children. It is estimated that > 10% of childhood respiratory infections are caused by starins of adenoviridae, and nearly all adults have serologic evidence of prior exposure.
What are its symptoms?
Rhinitis, conjunctivitis, sore throat and cough. In children lower respiratory pneumonia can result as a sequelae.
List 4 respiratory illnesses in children in order of frequency.
1. RSV
2. Parainfluenza
3. Rhinovirus
4. Adenovirus.
What is parvoviridae?
It is the smallest icosahedral virus and has a single strand of DNA.
What does parvovirus cause?
It causes a chilhood disease called "erythema infectiosum"(fifth disease) characterized by fever and a slapped face rash on the cheeks.