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How do bacterial ribosomes compare to eucaryotic riosomes?
Bacterial ribosomes are smaller than ours. While we have an 80S particle, the bacterial ribosome consists of a 70S particle that has 2 subunits: the 50S(large) and the 30S(small).
List 5 types of antibiotics that inhibit the function of the bacterial ribosome.
1. Chloramphenical(50S)
2. Linezolid(50S)
3. Erythromycin(50S)
4. Tetracycline(30S)
5. Aminoglycosides(30S)
What is Chloramphenical/
It has a wide spectrum of activity. it can kill G+/G- and some anerobic bacteria, even bacteroides fragilis.
What are some of its side effects?
1. Anemia(dose related0
2. Aplastic anemia
can result in severe bone marrow damage and occasionally kidney failure.
What is Gray baby syndrome?
neonates are unable to fully conjugate Caf in the liver or excrete it through the kidney, resulting in high blood levels.
Toxicity occurs with with vasomotor collapse, abdominal distension and cyanosis.